From a VIP lounge to a dining room fit for families: Inside George and Laith’s House Rules transformation

See the suave and sophisticated new look!

By Erin Doyle
It was billed as the must-see House Rules transformation.
And this week, there was no doubt left as to why when the teams pulled up their sleeves to give best mates Laith and George an epic renovation.
The teams were tasked with giving Laith's bachelor pad a suave and sophisticated look, for "distinguished gentlemen like them" and for the second week in a row it was Kimmy and Rhi who rose above the rest.
Judges Kyly Clarke, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Saul Myers were blown away by the Tassie twins efforts in the VIP lounge and kitchen.
"I am trying so hard to remember whether I have ever seen a room better than this on House Rules!" Laurence exclaimed after stepping into the VIP lounge.
Kyly agreed, adding: "It's a standout, it really is. I love the use of the metal panelling which works so well with the rest of the space, it adds so much texture to a very black, dark colour."
Meanwhile, Saul also liked what he saw, describing the VIP lounge as "incredible".
"It takes so much guts to pull this off. I am really struggling to find a fault in this room everything has been done so nice, right down to the cabinetry which is perfect the way it is set in, the size, its scale."
The judges awarded them top points and another $10k in prize money for their efforts.
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