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EXCLUSIVE: House Rules host Kyly Clarke says her four-year-old daughter is already becoming a "little TV presenter in the making"

Like mother, like daughter!

By Melissa Field
As a self-confessed high achiever, Kyly Clarke admits that taking on her first major TV judging role was daunting.
"I was always taught if you're not a little nervous you're not serious enough about what you're doing," the House Rules High Stakes judge tells TV WEEK.
"I do have expectations on myself to be good at my job, and to give my best for the viewers, so nerves definitely kicked in at first because of that."
Kyly, 38 has the added pressure of undergoing some major life changes this year.
In February she announced she'd amicably separated from her husband, former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke.
They now co-parent their four-year-old daughter Kelsey Lee.
Michael Clarke (left) and Kyly Clarke (right) with their daughter Kelsey-Lee, who they still co-parent together. Image: Instagram
Kyly and Michael announced their divorce earlier this year, after separating late last year privately. Image: Instagram
But despite that personal upheaval she says, her daughter is her biggest support and champion.
"She is such a doll," Kyly says proudly.
"She's a little TV presenter in the making. She loves saying 'House Rules: High Stakes 7pm tonight' and she also loves complimenting me on my onscreen outfits."
Kyly adds that her adorable daughter has inherited her flair for interior design too!
"She's only four but she loves doll houses and when she's when playing dolls she redesigns her doll house in her own unique way," Kyly says.
Kyly says Kelsey-Lee has taken to imitating her on-air. Image: Instagram
The mother-daughter duo enjoying some bonding time together. Image: Instagram
Kyly says being busier than ever is helping her forge a new life for herself and her daughter.
"My work has not stopped, and I love that," she explains.
"In addition to House Rules, I'm helping my clients renovate their homes; I'm managing properties for them and also building granny flats."
WATCH BELOW: Michael Clarke reveals how he and Kyly started dating. Story continues after video.
But now that her newbie nerves are under control, Kyly says she'd welcome more TV work.
"I love House Rules; it is such an exciting opportunity for me," she says.
"I firmly believe the right thing always comes your way at the right time - when you concentrate on just being true to yourself."
House Rules High Stakes airs on Sunday nights at 7pm and Monday and Tuesday nights at 7.30pm on Channel Seven.

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