House Rules: Katie and Alex's country home before and after

We reckon they saved the best reno for last!

By Alex Lilly
For the final home renovation, the teams headed to Gundaroo in the Southern Tablelands of NSW to renovate Katie and Alex's rustic cottage.
And unlike some of the other homes, there was one key detail that the young parents-of-one wanted to get across.
"The eco lifestyle is important to us because it signifies the way we grew up, it's something we're really grateful for and can't wait for our kids to experience as well," says 29 year-old stay-at-home mum Katie.
Federal Police Officer Alex, 32, adds: "We do live the simple life. Eco doesn't mean candles and peddling for our electricity. It just means sustainable innovative ways to give back to the environment."
Katie and Alex's house rules reflected the modern, eco life. Check them out below:
  1. Build a 21st century country house
  2. Keep it eco-friendly
  3. Accent with modern pastels
  4. Go calm & cosy in Hallie's room
  5. Bring a rainforest vibe to the bathroom
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