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EXCLUSIVE: Is Joh Griggs returning to host House Rules again?

As ratings to the once-golden show plummet to an all-time low, Channel Seven are scrambling to get former host Joh Griggs back into the driver's seat.

By Woman's Day team
She was the House Rules host that ensured the renovation reality show was always riding high in the TV ratings week after week.
And now as the new season's ratings plummet to an all-time low, Seven has never felt Johanna Griggs' absence more, and according to a source the network is doing everything they can to get her back.
"Everyone at Seven absolutely adores Joh," a source tells Woman's Day.
"They'll do anything to get her back."
Could Joh be returning to her hosting duties to save the ailing show? Image: Channel Seven
Johanna, 46, made the shock announcement in July last year that she was retiring from her hosting gig on the show in order to concentrate more on 7Sports.
However, after the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games were postponed, it meant Joh's talents were relegated to her short appearances on Better Homes & Gardens, leaving a giant hole in what was once one of Seven's pillar programs.
At the time of her resignation from reality TV, a source revealed to Woman's Day that Joh, as an ambassador of mental health charity Beyond Blue, struggled with the "manufactured drama" of the show, which sees contestants pushed to the limit.
"It might not return next year, but if it does, they're going to do everything in their power to get Joh involved in some capacity," says the source.
"Producers will have to look at the format though if they're to persuade Joh to come back."
While the network would welcome Joh back with open arms, one person who could be unsettled by the news is current host Jamie Durie. Image: Channel Seven
One person who will no doubt be unsettled by the news of Joh's possible return is current host Jamie Durie, 49.
"It's no secret that there was some career rivalry between Joh and Jamie, especially when Seven really pushed Jamie forward last year," says the insider.
"It's hard to imagine a world where Jamie and Joh are co-hosts."
Since its premiere, House Rules: Sky High, fronted by Jamie and newcomer Abbey Way, 29, has failed to make a big impression in the ratings.
Most shocking of all, earlier this month it was even taken off-air and replaced by a US special based on the Netflix documentary series Tiger King.
WATCH: House Rules' Saul Myers shows off his impressive work out skills. Story continues below...

Jamie's Fears as Ex-Girlfriend set to appear on Real Housewives Franchise

Jamie may have to keep tabs on the upcoming return of The Real Housewives Of Melbourne with the announcement that his ex-girlfriend Anjali Rao will be appearing on the saucy show.
Insiders say the former CNN reporter could spill some secrets on their mysterious one-year romance.
Anjali, 46, met Jamie at the Lexus tent at the Melbourne Cup's exclusive birdcage in 2013. However, their relationship was marred by Jamie's ex-fiancee Lisa Christie, who slammed the TV host for moving on so quickly.
"He was engaged about five minutes ago," she said in 2014.
"That's how it feels anyway."
Lisa and Jamie split up in 2013 after Lisa claimed that she found explicit "sext" texts on his phone to a mystery woman.
Anjali Rao, a former CNN reporter, is set to join the cast on season 5 of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Image: Getty

Is Saul Myers jumping ship?

While Seven's working hard to get Joh back on House Rules, one of the show's new breakout stars, Saul Myers, could be jumping ship to Foxtel.
The 35-year-old is said to have made a strong impression on TV producers and is being touted to front several new shows on Foxtel next year.
The tradie is in discussions with former judge and mentor Wendy Moore, who initially put in a good word for Saul at Seven, and is now the head of Foxtel's Lifestyle brands.
Following his star-making turn on House Rules, it's said Foxtel are said to be touting Saul to host upcoming Lifestyle shows on Foxtel. Image: Channel Seven

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