House Rules' Graeme and Mary's home before and after

We needed the tissues for this episode.

By Alex Lilly
In what was probably the most emotional reveal on this season of House Rules, homeowner Graeme, his partner Mary and their adorable family returned to their newly-renovated home that just months before had been destroyed in a shock fire.
And while we were shocked to see one of our favourite teams Katie and Alex leave the competition, we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw what the teams had achieved.
On top of that, Graeme and Mary were also gifted 12 months of home and contents insurance from Allianz and 12 months power paid for by Origin Energy.
"We're not owed anything in life," Graeme told the camera on Sunday night.
"And for everyone to go out of their way and do this for us means a lot for us and the family and it's put us back to better than we were before. So, to everyone who was involved thank you, to all the teams, the neighbours, our family, Channel Seven, House Rules, thank you very much it means a lot to us".
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Graeme and Mary's house rules were all about reuniting the family of six, that includes Graeme's eldest daughters Lily and Skye whom he shares with his ex wife and Graeme and Mary's youngest, two year-old CJ and one year-old Jade.
  1. Style us Montauk modern
  2. Bring the family together with inviting spaces
  3. Keep it classic with navy, white and grey
  4. Make it fresh, clean and no fuss
  5. Get clever with storage
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