House Rules

This awkward House Rules editing fail will make you cringe

Someone's getting fired for this...

It can be tricky to learn the names of so many reality TV contestants across so many shows each year.
And judging by Monday night's episode of House Rules, it seems even some TV producers have trouble remembering who is who.
In an awkward editing fail (which you can view in the clip above), fireman Andy and his Beauty and the Geek contestant wife Lisa were labelled with the wrong name.
While they were named correctly for most of the episode, towards the end Lisa and Andy were mixed up with rival renovators Courtney and Pete.
During the emotional house reveal, Andy and Lisa were left disappointed when their makeover efforts at Mikeala and Eliza's place drew a mixed response.
What's wrong with this picture? Lisa and Andy (both pictured) were incorrectly labelled on Monday night's episode. (Image: Channel Seven)
The real Pete and Courtney look quite different. (Image: Channel Seven)
And speaking to TV WEEK, Lisa admitted this round of the competition had taken its toll on her, leading to tears.
"I think it was just a culmination of exhaustion, missing home and busting ourselves to do the best we can. I just had a moment, and I needed to cry. It was a build-up of everything," she said.
"There are moments where you think, 'What are we doing here?' When the judges don't like our designs, it's really hard. It's defeat after defeat."
WATCH: Thought you recognised Lisa? She also appeared on Beauty and the Geek. See how much she's changed! Post continues below...
Lisa's stress levels are through the roof. (Image: Channel Seven).
Lisa said the stress caused by the lack of time became so bad that she put on weight during filming.
"This time last year, I was getting ready to get married. I think I was 10kg lighter," she said.
"On House Rules, you eat whatever you can. If there's a sausage roll, you eat it! You do whatever you can to get through the week – it's quick and means we can focus on our designs. It's not ideal. Because I've put on weight, I don't feel myself."
Hopefully things improve for Andy and Lisa at the next renovation!