House Rules

House Rules' cheating scandal: Have Leigh and Kristie been caught out?

'To be honest, I think it's cheating.'

By Kietley Isrin
This week's episodes of Channel Seven's House Rules are sure to bring the drama, as a cheating scandal heats up between Queensland brothers Josh and Brandon, and their fellow contestants Leigh and Kristie. The group spoke to TV WEEK about the upcoming episodes, and how they're planning to move forward in the competition.
Also, contestants Mel and Dave say they've paid the price for being away from home, and Michelle reveals the real reason she lives with her mum, Kim, instead of her partner.
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'It's cheating!' Josh and Brandon slam their rivals, Leigh and Kristie

Victorian couple Leigh and Kristie (left), have been accused of cheating by Queensland brothers Josh and Brandon.
Just one week into House Rules and the teams are already playing dirty.
This week, Leigh and Kristie from Victoria throw a spanner in the works when they make a "dodgy deal" with Queensland brothers Josh and Brandon in the hopes of getting ahead in the competition.
"We will do whatever it takes," a determined Kristie, 36, says of securing more cash.
But Brandon won't let them get away with it that easily.
"I didn't actually think you could do that," the 21-year-old quips back. "To be honest, I think it's bloody cheating."
Meanwhile, a shock injury threatens 59-year-old Kim's time in the competition.
"I might have to leave," she tells daughter Michelle. "I could be sent home."
Despite being heartbroken and concerned for her mum's wellbeing, Michelle couldn't be more proud of what she's achieved.
"She's given it her best shot," she says. "She's tried her hardest and that's all anyone can ask for.
"Enough is enough – your health is more important than anything."

'Our son suffered': Mel and Dave have paid a price for being away from home

Mel and Dave hate being separated from sons Westin (far left) and Billy.
When Mel and Dave left their two sons to compete on House Rules, they knew it would be tough on the children.
But the couple had no idea it would affect the development of their three-year-old son, Billy.
"Billy went backwards a bit with his speech and toileting and stuff," Mel tells TV WEEK. "So that's been the hardest. Hopefully, once we get home we can bring him back up to speed."
Mel, 32, says it's "not nice" to think about Billy slipping backwards.
"I just try and keep very, very busy," she says. "I make them little calendars, or send them gifts in the mail. We try to keep them positive."
Mel and Dave's mothers are sharing the care of Billy and five-year-old Westin, with other family members helping out as well.
Dave, 34, is grateful he can at least FaceTime his sons, who are back at home on Queensland's Gold Coast.
"At least you do get to see each other a little bit," he says. "But we try not to ring them every day."
Mel adds: "I just believe it makes them more upset."
Dave, a fly-in, fly-out worker, is used to the heartache of saying goodbye to his sons for two weeks at a time.
It's the main reason the couple have gone on House Rules. They're hoping to win so Dave can give up his drilling job and they can run a gym together.
"Some people say, 'Oh, it's good money,'" Dave explains. "But you miss half of your loved ones' lives."
He says it's harder as the boys get older.
"Now, they're doing footy training and stuff like that," he says. "That's the thing you live for as a dad: taking them to do their sport and watching them learn and grow."

Michelle reveals the REAL reason she lives with her mum Kim

Michelle (right) chooses to live with her mum, Kim, rather than her partner.
Although Michelle and her two young daughters live with her mother Kim, Michelle isn't a single mum. It's just that she chooses not to live with her partner, Anthony.
"We're together," she explains to TV WEEK. "We just can't live together."
Michelle, 27, says it comes down to their different approach to parenting Bella, eight, and seven-year-old Aaliyah.
"He doesn't deal with them as well as I do," she says. "So we get into arguments, and it's just one mess.
"This works. Everyone's happy this way. It's a good relationship."
But Anthony is still very involved in his daughters' lives.
"We'll still go over to his house on weekends or whatnot and the girls will spend the night there," Michelle adds. "But home is where Mum is."
Kim's house in Tweed Heads in northern New South Wales is also home to her husband David, her other daughter, Melissa, and Melissa's son, Cory.
Michelle and her daughters have been sleeping in a bunk bed in a small room with no door. Michelle shares the bottom bunk with Aaliyah.
Michelle is planning to move back in with Kim when House Rules has finished filming and the house is renovated.
But it may not be forever.
"Maybe I'll give things another go with my partner," she concedes. "I'm just not sure yet."
House Rules airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, Channel Seven.

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