House Rules

House Rules cheating scandal rocks the set as teams are accused of sneaky tactics

The teams are caught getting a little help after hours.

This season of House Rules has spelled high-pressure and big demands for a determined group of renovators.
But as the pressure mounts between the six teams to deliver on time, an on-set spy tells Woman's Day that some have resorted to bending the show's strict rules so they can be top of the leaderboard.
Neighbours of South Australian couple Lisa and Andy tell Woman's Day they saw tradesmen, cleaning crews and even contestants return to work well after the show's clock had stopped.
"Contestants were still running in with homewares and decorations 20 minutes after we heard the buzzer go off on set," says one eagle-eyed resident. "It's disappointing to witness."
Another onlooker tells Woman's Day they saw a truck full of rugs, pillows and wall hangings arrive at Mikaela and Eliza's mum's property long after the deadline, and tradesmen continued working on the home into the night.
"I was there right when the timer went off, pretty much straight after that the contestants have to leave the site to record their [on-camera interviews], but I saw countless tradies still working and adding fixtures," says the spy.
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People were said to be working on Mikaela and Eliza's mum's home after the deadline. (Image: Channel Seven)
Newlyweds Andy and Lisa were hoping to get much bigger home. (Image: Channel Seven)

Contestants’ fury: ‘We’ve wasted our time!’

It seems viewers aren't the only ones up in arms about the show's lack of tool time! The contestants are also disappointed in the show's format this year, with one source revealing there have been "tense conversations" between the homeowners and producers.
"The homeowners are concerned over the lack of 'real renovation'," says one spy. "There's barely been a single wall knocked down! The contestants feel they've wasted their time coming on the show."
According to the insider, Lisa and Andy were hoping their "tiny house" would have at least been extended or had a floor added, but instead put their life on hold to just assist with new furnishings.
Contestants are also said to upset about the lack of tool time this year. (Image: Channel Seven)

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