House Rules

Shock dummy spit! The dramatic House Rules walk out that left fans gobsmacked

Carly and Andrew just became the first couple to ever quit the show.

By Erin Doyle
With new hosts, new judges and a high-rise Gold Coast penthouse to transform, House Rules: High Stakes is a whole new ball game this time around.
As well as the fresh faces, season eight introduced the twist that two teams will get eliminated before they even get a chance to have their house renovated like previous seasons.
It was this twist that enraged House Rules couple Carly and Andrew, who sensationally quit the show on Tuesday night's episode after barely lifting a hammer.
Without much warning, the couple up and left the competition, and in dramatic scenes were intercepted by a producer, who questioned why they were walking out.
"We came on this show because it was House Rules as we knew it," Carly explained.
She added in a piece to-camera: "This curveball of two teams getting eliminated has thrown me for six. I'm not a quitter, but this game has changed a lot."
Carly and Andrew became the first ever couple to quit House Rules in eight seasons. Image: Channel Seven
It seems Carly and Andrew were hoping for a free renovation, and when it was revealed they potentially might not be afforded that opportunity, they walked.
"It's no longer get on House Rules and get your house renovated. It's now get on House Rules, two people get eliminated and then the rest get a house reno. It's not what I expected," Carly complained.
The producer explained to them that it was common for reality shows to change from their original formats over the years.
"Do you understand as part of the television process and making a show, shows change, shows evolve, things change?" he asked.
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The pair explained they weren't fans of the twist that would mean two teams would get eliminated before their house was renovated. Image: Channel Seven
But Carly wasn't swayed, insisting: "We knew that we were getting eliminated anyway. I'd rather have my dignity and self respect and leave on my own terms."
Andrew was also adamant he no longer wanted any part of it.
"Don't need the stress, don't need the bullsh-t!" he raged.
Due to Carly and Andrew's dramatic exit, host Jamie Durie was forced to make an impromptu visit to the Gold Coast penthouse, leaving the other teams in disbelief when he told them the couple had called it quits.
"I've never seen this. No team has ever walked out of this competition," Jamie lamented.
Carly and Andrew told a House Rules producer that they wanted to leave with their "self respect and dignity". Image: Channel Seven

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