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EXCLUSIVE: House Rules' Bradley reveals he once weighed just 47kg after suffering an eating disorder as a teen

''I wasn't hurting just myself, but everybody around me, especially my family.''

By Amber Giles
Being able to give back to his mother Lenore is what's driving contestant Bradley during his time on House Rules: High Stakes.
He's doing all he can to give his mother and stepdad Michael the dream home they deserve, because he knows they haven't had an easy ride in life.
Bradley wants to give back to his beloved mum. (Image: Channel Seven)
"Mum always ensured that the kids came first, to ensure we were always being looked after," Bradley, 31, tells TV WEEK.
"She sacrificed her own relationships in order for us to have the best upbringing possible. Which meant working two jobs to pay for my schooling, sacrificing her own love."
The House Rules contestant reveals there was another hurdle the family had to face in his teens, when an eating disorder took over his life.
"I started to feel like I wasn't attractive and that I needed to be taller, skinnier, darker in order to be able to succeed, which led to having body issues," he admits.
"I stopped eating and got dramatically skinny. At my lightest, I was only 47kg and had terrible mood swings, all while hiding it from my family – unsuccessfully. I look back now and realise I wasn't hurting just myself, but everybody around me, especially my family."
Bradley in 2009. (Image: Instagram @bradley_mclennan)
Bradley admits it was "one of the most confronting times" his family has gone through, and again it was his mum Lenore who was his rock and got him through.
"No matter how aggressive or depressed I was, Mum was always there," he says. "She guided me out of it and really pushed me to get better."
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Although Bradley is healthy now, he knows to always keep a close eye on how he's feeling and does his best to stay positive.
"It's something that definitely doesn't just go away," he says. "I'm a healthy person, now but the mental delusion of your body never leaves you.
"Strict regimes and diets aren't the way to go. All you need is a smile in the mirror every morning and focus on the things you like about yourself."
Lenore has always been there for her son. (Image: Instagram @lenorebradleyau)

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