House Rules

Recognise House Rules' Aimee from somewhere? Turns out she starred on Survivor back in 2017

''House Rules is harder than Survivor 100 per cent.''

By Scott Ellis and Amber Giles
For keen-eyed reality TV viewers thinking they've seen House Rules: High Stakes contestant Aimee before, you have. The series' first lady tradie took part in Australian Survivor in 2017.
"I still get recognised for Survivor, even though I wasn't on it for very long – I think it's because of my chubby cheeks," Aimee says with a laugh.
"I actually always wanted to be on a show like House Rules, because I'm a plumber, but when someone suggested I do Survivor, I thought I'd give that a crack as well."
Aimee starred on Survivor back in 2017. (Image: Network Ten)
The 26-year-old has been busy since we last saw her.
"After Survivor, I travelled for a while," she says. "I went to the Philippines, and then jumped in a van and drove around Australia for six months."
Despite taking a break from the life of a nine-to-five tradie so she could work on her own construction projects, she was excited to get back on the tools and back onto reality TV for House Rules.
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By her side for the journey is her boyfriend of five years, Kayne, 37.
"Kayne and I bought our house, and four days later we were sent to the Gold Coast to start filming," she says. "We met at work in Sydney when I was an apprentice and he was the foreman."
Even though there's an 11-year age gap between them, Aimee doesn't think it matters.
"It's only an issue for him, because I bag him out about being so old," she says with a laugh.
Aimee and boyfriend Kayne are battling it out on House Rules: High Stakes. (Image: Channel Seven)
While many may think that being left on an island to fend for yourself while others try to get rid of you is the toughest reality show to be on, Aimee disagrees.
"House Rules is harder than Survivor 100 per cent," Aimee declares. "When I went on the show, I thought it would be, 'We will just film you with this sledgehammer and then everyone else will do it [the work]," she says.
"But once we started, we realised we have to do everything! I don't usually get stressed, but you're up until 2am planning; you just never stop."

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