House Rules

EXCLUSIVE: House Rules winner weighs in on Johanna Griggs’ sensational exit

''If there’s any weaknesses in your relationship, that’s going to push the envelope.''

By Erin Doyle
Long-running House Rules host Johanna Griggs shocked fans last month when she abruptly announced on social media that she was quitting her role on the renovation show.
Joh took to Instagram to share she was leaving the "enormous beast" of a show and cryptically described working on it as an "eye-opener".
Rumours have been rampant that the Channel Seven star was uncomfortable with the series pushing contestants to create more drama, leading to her decision to depart.
And speaking to Now To Love on Tuesday, season five winner Aaron Winter, who competed on the show with wife Daniella in 2017, weighed in with his take.
Echoing Joh's sentiment about the gruelling conditions, Aaron admitted: "House Rules was an eye-opener for me. It's a pressure cooker environment."
However, he added that from a contestant point of view, he thought it depended on the person's personality and their relationship as to how well they would cope.
House Rules Aaron (pictured with wife Daniella) agreed the show was an "eye-opener". (Image: Supplied)
"I don't know whether you need to have a particular mindset to cope with things and I think when people get stressed, they react in different ways," he said.
"Luckily for Daniella, I'm a very calm, placid person regardless of what's going on. But in saying that, obviously if there's any weaknesses in your relationship, that's going to push the envelope and make things come to light.
"I'll be honest, I still think it's people's personal preferences. You are who you are and if you're a nasty person, you're still going to be a nasty person if you're stressed or not. And if you're a happy go-getter person, that's going to be your mentality as well."
Johanna (pictured) sensationally quit the show last month. (Image: Channel Seven)
Aaron added that as host, Joh might have had a different perception of things occurring behind the scenes than he and Daniella did as contestants.
"So obviously Joh has a much better insight about what's happening back of house and doing bits and pieces with us. We're just there to be contestants," he said, adding that he had no regrets about going on the show.
"Daniella and I, and I'll say it again, we absolutely loved the experience, we absolutely did. Anything that Johanna Griggs says, I'll one percent respect it and take her word on it but if you asked me to do it again tomorrow, I'd say yes."
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Since competing on the show, parents-of-two Aaron and Daniella have gone from strength to strength with their property flipping endeavours.
The couple currently have their Broadbeach Waters family home on the market – the same one that was renovated while on the show.
Aaron and Daniella also used their $200,000 prize winnings to buy and renovate another property and looking to continue to extend their "house flipping" business HYPE Build + Design.