House Rules

House Rules 2018: Meet the contestants

It's going to be another big year on House Rules!

By Kietley Isrin
With the conclusion of your favourite binge-worthy reality TV series such as Bachelor In Paradise and My Kitchen Rules this week, there comes the need for a new show to froth over.
Fortunately, the sixth season of House Rules is a mere few weeks away and we've scored your first look at the contestants.
From young brothers and distant couples to a contestant named 'Toad,' it's safe to say there's a real mix of personalities in the line-up.
Take a look at which teams you'll be rooting for in 2018 below.

Mel & Dave - Married, QLD

Their dream home isn't the only thing Mel and Dave hope to walk away from the competition with.
The married couple are also hoping the experience will bring them closer together.
"I think Dave and I will actually fall in love again," bookkeeper Mel, 32, says.
"With Dave working on oil and gas rigs, we've spent more time apart than together so having a few months will feel like being teenagers again and I can't wait."
Dave, 34, couldn't agree more.
"Once the show is complete, not only will our unsafe home be renovated but I will also have the opportunity to spend time with our two boys Billy, three, and Westin, five, as well as Mel."

Kim & Michelle - Mother & Daughter, NSW

A house big enough for the whole family is what mother-daughter duo Kim and Michelle are aiming for.
"We are a family of seven living in a three bedroom house," Kim, 59, says.
"It's 20 years old and falling apart."
Daughter Michelle currently shares a room with her two children, Bella, seven, and Aaliyah, six.
"My parents hoped to renovate but money was too tight," the 27-year-old explains.
So do they have what it takes to win?
"It would be amazing," Michelle says.
"Not only for my children but so that dad can finally retire and he and mum can enjoy a beautiful home."

Chiara and David - Married, WA

Fans can expect plenty of fights and fireworks from Chiara and David.
"We have an explosive relationship so I dare say there will be ups and downs for sure," Chiara, 32, admits.
"It (the show) will be a test," David, 38, laughs.
That's not the only thing viewers should prepare for when it comes to this couple.
"I normally don't have a filter on my words and that is not always the best situation for myself," Chiara, who works as a hairdresser, reveals.
Fly-in-fly-out worker David adds: "I'm a loose cannon and never give up."

Leigh and Kristie - Married, VIC

Fellow contestants, watch out! With renovating experience up their sleeve and a competitive nature, Kristie and Leigh are serious competitors.
"We're determined and love renovating," carpenter Leigh, 33, says.
"I'm also a bit of a hothead."
Meanwhile, Kristie says the skills she's gained from raising their kids – Billie, four, and three-year-old Kobe will come in handy during the competition.
"I just get things done," the 36-year-old declares.
"I'm organised and solution-driven. I'm good at anything."

Toad & Mandy - Engaged, NSW

Renovating can ruin relationships. But Toad and Mandy aren't worried at all.
"I think we will be fine," Mandy, 28, says.
"We are not a couple that fight."
But there is one thing that could tip the dairy famer and beauty therapist over the edge – and that's being away from their 11-month-old twins.
"I have never been away from the kids until now," Toad, 32, adds.
"We have given up a lot to come on House Rules and we're not used to relying on other people to look after our kids."
Thankfully their families couldn't be more supportive.
"My family are all for it," dairy farmer Toad says.

Jess & Jared - Couple, SA

Will lack of renovating experience see Jess and Jared crumble in the competition?
"We are absolute rookies so this could be a laugh," Jess, 25, says.
Chatting to TV WEEK, the young teacher adds viewers can expect to see her shed plenty of tears.
"I am a very emotional person and I'm not very good at handling stress," she admits.
Meanwhile, school attendance officer Jared admits his weakness could be his shyness.
"I am very camera shy and have a dry sense of humour," the 28-year-old reveals.
"I also hate confrontation and am not a confident person so this is completely out of my comfort zone."

Josh & Brandon - Brothers, QLD

When Josh and Brandon purchased their first house four years ago, the pair had no idea what they were getting themselves into.
"I struggled with money, paying bills and trying to make ends meet," Josh, 23, says.
The home, which the boys had planned to renovate, is still not up to scratch and that's why the brothers decided to sign up for the show.
"We want to get ahead in our lives," Brandon, 21, adds.
"Money has always been an issue so House Rules will change our lives completely."

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