House Rules

Baby time! House Rules' Brandon is ready to start a family

'You don't want to be too old when you have kids!'

At 21, Brandon is the youngest competitor on House Rules this season. But he's had a serious girlfriend, Jessica, since he was 19 and he plans to start a family with her within the next five years.
"You don't want to be too old when you have kids," he explains.
However, Brandon admits that right now, the thought of becoming a father is "a bit scary".
So is the thought of getting married to his "beautiful" girlfriend, Jessica, who is just 20.
"We're pretty young at the moment," he says.

The chippie from Maryborough in Queensland describes Jessica as "very loving and caring". He says she was supportive of him going on House Rules, even though she knew it would be tough. "We're always together," he explains. "We've never really been apart before."
They've stayed in touch as much as possible during filming.
"We try to FaceTime every night," he says. "That helps."
Even before the show, Brandon would spend a lot of his spare time working on the house he shares with his brother Josh. Jessica would help out too.
"She does the cooking and some cleaning and stuff, so that's good," Brandon says. "She's stuck by me through everything, so she's probably a good sort."

Brandon and his brother, Josh, chose to enter the competition after struggling with their home.
"I struggled with money, paying bills and trying to make ends meet," Josh, 23, says.
The home, which the boys had planned to renovate, is still not up to scratch and that's why the brothers decided to sign up for the show.
"We want to get ahead in our lives," Brandon, 21, adds.
"Money has always been an issue so House Rules will change our lives completely."
House Rules airs Monday to Thursday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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