Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Will breaks his silence after Hayley revealed that she's pregnant with his child

Not everyone likes what he had to say.

By Maddison Hockey
Viewers never expected that the most surprising Farmer Wants A Wife twist this season would come after the cameras stopped rolling.
But that's exactly what happened when contestant Hayley revealed that she is pregnant with Farmer Will's child, despite dating Farmer Matt on the show.
The bombshell sent shockwaves across social media and now Will has broken his silence after previously remaining tight-lipped about the pregnancy.
Farmer Will shared his statement with this photo of himself as a child with his father.
Taking to Instagram, the 39-year-old sheep and cattle farmer shared a photo of himself as a child with his father before addressing Hayley's pregnancy in the caption.
"My family are my world, and my parents were the perfect role models. When the time comes, I will be the best Dad I can be," he began.
"If this is in fact my child, I'll be there whenever the child needs me. Even if as parents we can't be a couple, our family will be filled with love for our child."
The farmer then went on to add: "But one thing I learnt from my Father is that discretion is the better part of valour. I'm sad that this has played out in public.
Hayley revealed the pregnancy last week. Instagram
"I want only the best for Hayley. I'll say what needs to be said in private and let my deeds do the talking."
Will's response was met with outrage from fellow Farmer Wants A Wife contestant, Nickia, who dated Farmer Sam on the show.
"When the time comes? The time came 6 months ago buddy when Hayley fell pregnant," she wrote on her Instagram story over a photo of his statement.
Hayley revealed she was pregnant to Farmer Will last week in a statement that stunned fans.
"I am 22 weeks pregnant with Farmer Will's child," Hayley wrote in a statement to news.com.au.
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