Farmer Wants a Wife

EXCLUSIVE: Farmer Wants A Wife star Sam’s ex-girlfriend Kirsten breaks her silence on THAT shock engagement

The girlfriend Sam brought to the finale, then quickly dumped before announcing his surprise engagement, is sharing her side of the story.

By Maddison Hockey
The most surprising twist of the Farmer Wants A Wife finale came not during the episode, but the following day when it was revealed farmer Sam Reitano, 27, was engaged!
And in a dramatic turn of events no one ever could have predicted, it wasn't to gorgeous brunette, Kirsten Loverie, who appeared by his side on the final episode.
Instead, he'd proposed to a brand-new woman - a stunning blonde called Katelen Cunningham.
While Sam took to Instagram to confirm the news this morning following fiancé Katelen's announcement, fans have been left wondering what happened to Kirsten.
Sam introduced fans to his new girlfriend Kirsten at the reunion episode, which was filmed at the end of March. (Channel Seven)
Chatting exclusively to Now To Love, Kirsten reveals what she thinks of Sam's surprising news.
"It was a bit of a shock but I am happy for them both." Kirsten, who first connected with the reality TV star via Instagram, tells us.
Despite the abrupt ending to their romance and his whirlwind engagement, she wishes him well.
"I wish Sam nothing but a life full of happiness and love," she says.
After falling for Sam, Kirsten admits she had reservations about appearing on the Farmer Wants A Wife finale.
"I was hesitant to go on it at the start but have no regrets. The finale was a great experience, everyone on set was really kind," she reflects.
"Afterwards, the production has been in contact with me to check if I am doing fine."
Kirsten is happy for Sam and new fiance, Katelen. (Instagram)
Kirsten went on to reveal that her split from Sam was amicable.
"It was just not meant to be. In some ways we were compatible and in other ways not."
"There are no bad feelings towards him at all."
Meanwhile she's been making the most of her travels. (Instagram)
Following the bombshell engagement news, Kirsten hopes fans will be supportive of Sam and Katelen, rather than lash out.
"I've been reading some comments online, most of them are positive. But it is sad to see that the negative ones mostly come from women," she explains.
"Women bringing each other down... Like what the hell? In a society like today we should lift each other up and be like: 'you go girl!'"
Kirsten wants fans to stay positive and not bring other women down. (Instagram)
The news of Sam and Katelen's engagement first broke the day after the finale when an announcement photo was unearthed on the mother-of-one's Facebook page.
Sam broke his silence to confirm the news this morning, saying: "I know I told everyone that I was going to announce some thing BIG and well the media beat me too it!"
"I would like to say that Katelen is my fiancée! I am over the moon about her."
According to initial reports, Katelen was said to be Sam's ex-girlfriend however the tropical fruit farmer has since clarified that they have no previous dating history together.
Sam confirmed his engagement to new love Katelen via Instagram. (Instagram)