Farmer Wants a Wife

The Farmer Wants A Wife premiere sparks debate between fans as the brand-new season debuts

Australia has A LOT to say about seven's latest reality offering.

By Bella Brennan
The season premiere of Farmer Wants A Wife hit our airwaves on Sunday evening and the first episode was nothing short of action-packed.
From fan favourite Dolly Parton doppelganger Marnie's grand entrance to Nick's eye-catching necklace in the shape of Tasmania, to the surprise twist at the conclusion of the evening, which saw each farmer pick one lady to spend 24-hours with him on the farm before the rest of the women arrived - Twitter had a field day debriefing over the season premiere.
Despite four years passing since Farmer was last on our screens, the family-friendly format of FWAW remains the same - and it's clearly struck a chord with viewers with many applauding the feel-good, wholesome factor of the show, claiming it's the perfect form of escapism to distract us from the anxieties of 2020.
As one user summed it up: "Sorry Bachelor in Paradise I'm breaking up with you. My heart now belongs to Farmer Wants A Wife. So happy to have this heartwarming show back on TV #FarmerAU."
"After the flaming dumpster fire that is #MAFS, I'm just not used to Aussie reality TV dating being so goddamn wholesome... 😮 #FarmerAU," another agreed.
While some fans were quick to praise the return of the dating show, which sees five white, straight men from across regional parts of Australia embark on their quest for love, many pointed out the huge lack of diversity within the principal casting.
"Farmer wants a White Wife #FarmerAU #representation," @heathsheahan noted of the line-up.
Other viewers called for same-sex couples to be included on the show.
"No gays on Farmer Wants A Wife? I could be convinced to move out to these drought stricken hell-holes. Sow those oats. Roll in the hay," Twitter user @CampCounsellor penned.
Wherever you stand, there's no denying the show has got people talking. Keep scrolling as we wrap up the best reactions to Farmer below

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