Farmer Wants a Wife

EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Gruzlewski spills on her hectic Farmer Wants a Wife filming schedule: "No two days are the same"

''No two days are the same.''

By Alana Mazzoni
Natalie Gruzlewski has become a permanent fixture on Aussie TV screens while playing cupid on Farmer Wants A Wife. And now, the beloved presenter is reprising her gig for the show's upcoming instalment.
The 45-year-old just finished filming FWAW's 12th season, and from what she tells us - it's set to be a banger.
While Nat never has a hair out of place while shooting the wholesome dating show, it's a surprisingly gruelling routine for the mother-of-one to keep up with.
Nat just finished filming Farmer Wants a Wife's 12th season. (Image: Supplied)
In an exclusive chat with Now To Love, Nat has opened up about a typical day in her life while helping unlucky-in-love farmers find romance, her beauty secrets for keeping youthful skin, and how she destresses at the end of a long day.
"Filming Farmer Wants A Wife usually means we're up and onset early. I'm straight into hair, makeup and wardrobe, usually running through the run sheet, scripts, and additional notes with the producers," she says.
"No two days are the same while filming and we're always on the move to new locations. It's a wonderful opportunity to see beautiful parts of regional Australia, from Tropical North Queensland to country Victoria."
Nat filming with last year's Farmer Wants a Wife cast. (Image: Seven)
Of course, it goes without saying that Nat gets to be a part of introducing the farmers and their potential partners on the very first day of filming.
"Some evenings end with country events, others see us reconnecting at the reunion. It's exciting to be part of their journey and witness so many love stories along the way," she gushes.
While Nat's schedule is as chaotic as it comes on reality TV, she always carves out time to take care of herself.
And it's clearly paying off! Most viewers would be shocked to learn that the former Getaway star is actually 45.
"It's all about sunscreen, I wish I had started using it more often when I was younger," she tells us.
"If I'm rushing out the door in the morning, it's just sunscreen and a tinted moisturiser. I'll focus on more of a skincare routine at night. I like to keep it simple; a good moisturiser, serum, and an exfoliant once a week."
Nat says "no two days are the same" while filming FWAW. (Image: Instagram)
When it comes to products, Nat swears by Charlotte Tilbury's tinted moisturiser, which she credits for keeping her skin feeling "lightweight while adding a bit of coverage".
Aside from her simple yet effective beauty regimen, Nat says she can never go wrong with a bit of cardio.
"I try to be consistent with exercise. Whether it's going to the gym, pilates or yoga, I'm doing some form of exercise a few times a week," she reveals.
"If I'm feeling lazy, I'll simply catch up with a friend for a walk - anything to get me moving and out of the house!"
"It's a wonderful opportunity to see beautiful parts of regional Australia, from Tropical North Queensland to country Victoria." (Image: Seven)
Unsurprisingly, Nat is just as laser-focused when it comes to what she fuels her body with.
"When I'm working or out and about, getting a healthy lunch can be tricky. I really enjoy the convenience of Youfoodz," she says.
"For an afternoon pick me up, a piece of fruit or a snack. Dinner is usually a piece of salmon or a steak with plenty of veggies and in winter, slow-cooked lamb."