Farmer Wants a Wife

“Staged and manipulated”: Farmer Wants A Wife’s Liz Jelley slams the show in a shock tell-all

''Most of the producers were off MAFS.''

Hailed as television's "genuine" dating show, Farmer Wants A Wife, promised to bring real love back to our screens in 2020.
And while we did see one success story from this season in Justine and Neil, there's been a lot of disappointment amongst fans, regarding the "MAFS" style spin the revived series was given.
Now, Liz Jelley, who was the last woman standing on farmer Nick's property has spoken out, slamming the show and its producers.
"They treated us like absolute sht," the 34-year-old marriage celebrant told [Kidspot*]("The whole thing was so staged and manipulated. It was a horrendous experience."

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