Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife's Jess and Henrietta locked in love triangle for Farmer Alex

Who will win his heart?

By Amber Giles
It's the kiss that rocks Farmer Wants A Wife this week. After having a picture-perfect 24-hour date with Jess, farmer Alex then welcomes three more girls onto his Queensland farm.
He soon starts to form a connection with Henrietta. And despite a different lady getting more time with Alex, Henrietta isn't worried.
"It was great to have some alone time with Alex and have the chemistry from our first meeting confirmed." (Image: Channel Seven)
Jess had a bit of a meltdown when Alex locks lips with Hentrietta. (Image: Channel Seven)
"At the time, I felt completely unthreatened by Jess, as I thought they'd had more of a friendly 'banter' connection than something romantic," Henrietta, 31, tells TV WEEK.
"He'd chosen her last out of all the girls, so I presumed he was the most unsure of Jess out of his choices and wanted the first date to see if there was any chemistry."
After an awkward comment from Alex about Henrietta not usually being his type, he's quick to make up for it, and at a group dinner, corners Henrietta for a secret kiss!
"It was great to have some alone time with Alex and have the chemistry from our first meeting confirmed," Henrietta says.
"He also cleared up what he meant about me 'not being his type'. That was incredibly sweet! If only all the other girls weren't just around the corner."
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And it wasn't just any other girl around the corner, as Jess quickly learnt about the kiss.
"It made me realise I wasn't the only one who could win his heart and that people are out there to cut your lunch," Jess, 25, says of the incident.
But for Henrietta, what was meant to be a moment of joy left a bad taste in her mouth.
"I actually found Jess' behaviour quite out of order and extreme – she was beyond angry," she says.
"Her reaction put a huge dampener on the evening. Instead of just being excited and enjoying the moment, I almost felt bad that Alex had chosen me!"
Will the tension and rivalry prove too much for one lady looking for love and lead them to walk?
Who will Farmer Alex choose? (Images: Channel Seven)

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