Farmer Wants a Wife

EXCLUSIVE: Why the other girls have this Farmer Wants A Wife intruder feeling worried

The other girls have been put into a spin.

By Helen Vnuk
There's drama brewing on Farmer Wants A Wife this week – all caused by the farmers' mums!
Four of the farmers are told they'll be going on a dinner date with a girl they've never met.
She's been chosen for them by their mother.
Jacqui was excited to be picked by Matt's mum but terrified to meet the other girls. Channel 7
It's up to the rural Romeos whether they bring the girl back to their farm afterwards.
Not surprisingly, the girls already on the farms are unimpressed to learn they have a new rival.
Matt's mum selects Jacqui, a Queensland photographer who runs her own horse stud.
Jacqui, 28, tells TV WEEK she thinks she might have been chosen because she lives in the country.
"And, possibly, because I was a little older," she adds. "It could have also been the cow selfies!"
Who chose Jacqui to be Matt's next date? His mother! Channel 7
She says her dinner with Victorian cattle farmer Matt was "really nice".
"It certainly wasn't awkward," she says. "A wine might have helped!"
Jacqui admits she was "a little worried" at the thought that if all went well, she could be meeting Matt's other girls after dinner.
"I had heard there may be a little tension with a girl or two in the house," she says.
"I was more nervous to meet them than Matt!"

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