Farmer Wants a Wife

EXCLUSIVE: Farmer Wants A Wife star Harry wanted to quit the show

The small town former is having doubts about his time on the show.

By Woman's Day team
Thanks to the show's 99 marriages and 225 beautiful babies born worldwide, Farmer Wants A Wife certainly has a wholesome reputation to uphold – and there's plenty of pressure 
for a romantic finale, too!
But one contestant, 
who has asked to remain anonymous, tells Woman's Day the show's revamped 2020 season is set to be 
the most dramatic ever - 
and insists that 29-year-old Farmer Harry became so overwhelmed by the behind-the scenes antics, he contemplated quitting!
Harry became increasingly fed up with the producers' big demands, reveals our source, as well as the diva-like women who applied to compete for his affection.
Between half-hearted contestants and camera-ready divas, the women are said to have thrown Harry 
in the deep end, causing the bachelor plenty of sleepless nights during filming.
One contestant says Harry contemplated quitting the show! (Image: Woman's Day)
"Harry was faced with 
a stream of drama and meddling producers. It's not all about romance – they're obviously there to make a show," dishes the contestant.
"Things became so heated he wanted out. It's one thing to maybe find a wife but the pressure that comes with the process was too much.
"To be honest, I don't 
think he realised how hard breaking hearts and dealing with feelings would be... 
he was absolutely ready 
to walk!" adds the source.
The unlucky-in-love farmer was the talk of the show's launch party earlier this month in Sydney – Harry was seen looking downcast at the event, despite the other farmers lapping up 
all the attention.
His unenthusiastic appearance had the rumour mill in overdrive, with guests speculating the wife-seeking farmer perhaps regretted his appearance on the show.
When quizzed by Woman's Day, Harry even admitted 
he had no desire to audition for the show.
The self-confessed "easygoing country boy" said the 
only reason he ended up 
on the reality juggernaut 
was because his friends pressured him to apply.
"My best mate's missus actually signed me up – it was all her idea," admits Farmer Harry.
"She was a big fan of 
the show, and then it all 
sort of snowballed from there," he says.

Neil’s secret crush on Sam!

Farmer Neil has his sights on the stunning Sunrise anchor. (Credit: Instagram/ Nine)
Sheep farmer Neil has no shortage of chemistry with his lucky bunch of contenders, but in a sign things could turn sour, the proud father has confessed to having his eye on Sunrise host Samantha Armytage!
Speaking to Woman's Day, the 43-year-old confessed he had a liking for the recently engaged presenter, who was born in country NSW in Adaminaby.
"She's stunning," gushes Neil.
"She's very beautiful, I've had a thing for her for a while."

Marie’s shock boob confession

There's one thing that Marnie has that Dolly doesn't... real boobs! (Credit: Instagram)
Growing up, contestant Marnie says it was the infectious tunes and dazzling allure of country star Dolly Parton that made her childhood golden.
"I grew up with my mum's best friend and she used to play her music in the car all the time," the 48-year-old tells Woman's Day.
And while her blonde locks and cowboy style were inspired by 
the hit maker, the lovable 
mum-of-two insists she draws 
the line at having her breasts augmented to match!
"My boobs are real, they're good, don't worry about that. 
It runs in the family, we've all 
got them," she laughs.

Rachel’s secret fling with with Keanu Reeves!

Before Farmer Nick, Rachel dated a Hollywood superstar! Image: Channel Seven
Rachel Jones is vying for the affection of Tasmanian-based Farmer Nick this season, but nine years ago the 42-year-old sat down with Woman's Day to talk about a very different suitor!
The pretty blonde was snapped all over Sydney with Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves, who was in town filming a Matrix sequel in 2001.
Rachel and the actor were often seen embracing passionately.
The journalist said her first thoughts were, 
"Oh my god, what will my mum think? She's just going to die."
When asked about whether Keanu was good in bed, she painted a saucy image.
"Is the Pope a Catholic?" she laughed.

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