Farmer Wants a Wife

The wandering eye! Farmer Want's A Wife partner swap scandal sends shock waves through the cast

Like MAFS, but Farmer edition!

By TV Week team
There are shock scenes on Farmer Wants A Wife this week when Harry discovers that one of his favourites has the hots for another man.
The drama goes down as all the farmers and their potential wives get together for a B&S ball.
On the way to the ball, one of Harry's girls drops a bombshell.
She tells him that one of the other girls has been saying she's looking forward to getting back to Sydney so she can catch up with another man from the show.
"I was definitely a little bit upset," Harry tells TV WEEK.
"To hear that, behind your back, it makes you feel a little bit s--t about yourself."
Shock scenes air this week as one of Harry's potential love interests drops a bombshell. (Channel Seven)
Before the bombshell, Harry was very keen on the girl in question.
"She's just a beautiful person," he says.
But trust is a huge issue for the 29-year-old farmer from Goolgowi in NSW, especially as one of his previous girlfriends cheated on him.
"I got hurt pretty bad, and that's probably why I've got my walls up so high," he explains. "I'm big on trust and it just broke that, straight up."
Harry says his walls are up after being hurt in the past. (Channel Seven)
Harry decides he has to get to the truth, so he confronts the girl. There are tears.
"It definitely was hard," he admits. "You never want to upset a girl. But at the end of the day, that's the way it was."
He says he made up his mind that he didn't want the girl to return to his farm.
"I definitely didn't want to have her around with those intentions. I didn't want that toxic environment."
The farmer has already ruffled a few feathers among his girls by letting Maddie return after having left the show.
Has he annoyed Stacey, Ashleigh or Karlana enough to make them turn their attention elsewhere? Or was Maddie always interested in someone else?

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