Farmer Wants a Wife

Wait, is Nick from Farmer Wants A Wife an American? His unique accent explained

And what's the go with his necklace?

By Rebecca Sullivan
When Farmer Wants A Wife viewers first meet farmer Nick during Sunday night's premiere episode, they might find themselves slightly confused over his unique accent, which has a distinct American twang.
After all, isn't this a show about Aussie farmers?
Well, don't fret, because Nick is a true blue Aussie through and through.
"I live here in Deviot Tasmania on my beautiful vineyard and I'm looking for a lady to share it all with!" Nick declares in the show's premiere episode, revealing he even wears a necklace in the shape of Tasmania around his neck.
Nick wears a necklace in the shape of Tasmania around his neck. Image: Channel Seven
The slight US tinge to his accent is thanks to his extended, almost 30-year stay in America throughout his life.
"I've recently moved back here from Los Angeles, where I lived for 27 years," Nick explains in the first episode.
He now runs a vineyard and winery in Tasmania and is looking to settle down there permanently.
"Someone would want to come and live here because the view is gorgeous and it would mean everything to find true love," Nick said of his gorgeous vineyard surroundings, adding, "I'm ready ... it's time!"
Nick, again wearing his Tasmania necklace. Image: Channel Seven
Nick, 44, is one of the five farmers hoping to find love on this new season of Farmer Wants A Wife, hosted by Natalie Gruzlewski.
He'll be hoping to replicate the show's previous success when he selects one of eight gorgeous women to be his life partner.
Farmer Wants A Wife has been labelled as the world's most successful dating show, with 99 couples and more than 200 babies born from the show around the globe.
Farmer Wants A Wife airs on Sunday nights at 7pm and Monday night at 7.30pm on Channel Seven.
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