Farmer Wants a Wife

Still going strong! Controversial Farmer Wants A Wife couple Alex and Henrietta confirm they're still together

The shock couple are more in love than ever.

By Bella Brennan
It was the bombshell twist no one saw coming, when farmer Alex Taylor shocked fans by dumping his first pick Jess Wolfe and running back to runner-up Henrietta Moore.
Outraged fans couldn't quite believe that the down-to-earth farmer could be capable of such a callous move, labelling him Blake Garvey 2.0.
And now, the controversial Farmer Wants A Wife couple have confirmed they're still going strong, months after the finale episode wrapped in March.
On Monday night, Alex shared a loved up shot with Henrietta enjoying the sweet farm life on his property in Cunnamulla, Queensland.
"I think everyone got quite a unexpected surprise at the reunion tonight! 🎉 @henriettalily_ Thank you for being there beside me on the couch tonight and challenging me through this entire experience you made every moment truly unforgettable 💗 #farmerwantsawifeau#realloveisback @farmeraustralia @channel7," the 28-year-old penned.
Henrietta was quick to comment on her boyfriend's post, leaving a kiss emoji under the photo.
However fans were divided over Alex's polarising decision.
"Made a mistake there big fella," one user fumed.
"Wrong choice!" Another noted.
While others thought Henrietta was a much better match for Alex.
"I picked her from day 1. She is straight up and I think she will compliment you. She is absolutely stunning also. Best of luck to you both," one person said.
A second added: "You guys have something special 😍 u both push and challenge each other in the best way ! 💫"
Alex also took to his Instagram stories to share a stunning snap of Henrietta rocking a figure-hugging red dress.
"How about that dress dress though," the reality star beamed of his partner.
Alex shared this loved up new snap with Henrietta on his farm, confirming they're still together. (Image: @farmeralexau/Instagram)
Henrietta, 31, is yet to officially comment on the situation, but she did post a sweet snap with her man via her Instagram stories.
On Monday night's dramatic reunion episode, fans initially thought Jess had won the show, after Alex picked the bubbly blonde from Geelong at the beginning of the episode.
But at the reunion, which took place a month after filming wrapped on the show, Alex revealed he had ended things with Jess, believing they were better off as friends.
"I felt like Jess was becoming my best friend. She made me laugh, I wanted someone to make me laugh. But I just kept on starting to feel like I could only see her as my friend," Alex explained during the finale episode.
"I couldn't see this romance blossoming… My heart wasn't in it."
In a shock revelation, Alex then went on to explain that he and runner-up Henrietta had since rekindled their relationship and are officially dating.
"I contacted Henrietta and we just started talking again and it just felt right," Alex said.
"I still felt connected to her. We always said chemistry is a hard thing to find, that spark …you don't find that with many people."
Clearly smitten by his girlfriend, Alex shared this post on his Instagram Stories. (Image: @farmeralexau/Instagram)
Henrietta hasn't addressed the scandal but did post this sweet shot. (Image: @henriettalily_/Instagram)
Henrietta clarified that the pair didn't initially meet up with the intention of getting back together.
"We didn't meet up intentionally [expecting things] go like that. It was really just as friends, to be like 'Wow what a crazy ride we've had together', and then that thing that happens when we're together happened," she said.
Alex added: "It was just two friends catching up … it felt natural."
Henrietta later described herself and Alex as "soulmates", as she gushed about her new man.
"We are quite different people on some level, but soulmates," she said.
Addressing Alex directly, she added: "I think from the start we had that emotional connection and I love the fact that you're really down to earth and you're really hard working. You are really gentlemanly and when we're alone together you're actually really open."
Alex admitted he had been transformed by his experience on the show and being with Henrietta.
"I feel happy and I feel confident again and I haven't felt like that for a long time. I feel alive again and I'm very lucky."
Alex claims his connection with Jess was more of a friendship. (Image: Channel 7)

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