Farmer Wants A Wife's Alex and Henrietta's very surprising love story in photos

It was full of twists and turns.

By Maddison Hockey
When Farmer Wants A Wife's Alex met Henrietta, the spark was instantaneous.
As the 31-year-old from Queensland sat down with the farmer for the first time, she didn't hold back.
"Your eyes seem to shine from your soul," Henrietta told him.
"You have gorgeous eyes, has anyone told you before?" Alex asked.
And, as much as we'd like to say the rest was history, this country road to love would prove to be a rocky one.
While swimming together on a date Alex confessed to Henrietta she wasn't exactly his type – he usually preferred blondes. Ouch.
He was quick to justify his fumble, however.
"You are so classy and elegant and such a gorgeous girl that I would never, ever go for you because I would just think you would knock me back.
"Girls like you scare me, and that's why I don't go for you."
It wasn't the only bump in the road for the love birds after Henrietta lashed out at Alex during a group dinner for holding back – a moment he struggled to move past.
"If you sent people home, we could actually do this," Henrietta said when Alex chose to keep all four ladies.
"Do you actually want to get to know us? Because I don't know you and that's a shame."
While the couple managed to move past the conflict, when it came down to the final two Alex's indecisiveness once again became too much for Henrietta who walked out.
Returning in time for the finale, Alex chose instead chose Jess.
But, in a shock twist reveal at the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion, Alex revealed things hadn't worked out with Jess and he's rekindled his romance with Henrietta.
One of only two couples to last after finding love on the show, Alex and Henrietta are still together.
We revisit their best moments in photos, below.