Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife is back for a brand new season: Meet the 2022 cast, and one of them is hunting for a husband!

We can't wait to see what's in store for them.

By Maddison Leach
The Farmer Wants A Wife is returning to our TV screens in 2022 and we've already got a peek at the new cast of farmers appearing on the show.
And in a huge series first, there will be one female farmer in the lineup looking to meet the man of her dreams.
"The much-anticipated new season is set to feature five* hard-working Aussie farmers on their journey in the hope a first kiss leads to 'I do!'" read a press release from the Seven Network.
This year's farmers include Farmer Ben, Farmer Benjamin, Farmer Harry, Farmer James, Farmer Paige and Farmer Will.
Host Natalie Gruzlewski will be back for the 2022 season, along with new addition Samantha Armytage, who will have a special guest role.
But who are the farmers, what are they looking for and what does this new season have in store for fans? Keep reading to find out.

Farmer Ben, 27, from Wingham, NSW

Farmer Ben, who's a dad-of-one already, is looking for someone who loves kids. (Channel 7)
Ben hails from a dairy farm in NSW and already has a daughter who he's looking to give the best life possible to.
Honesty and trust are really important in his relationships and the 27-year-old says he wants an old fashioned romance like his grandparents, who have been married for more than 60 years.
So what does he look for in a woman? "Someone who is caring, loving, honest, sincere, and selfless.
"A person that is supportive and kind, but not afraid to take charge and speak up, but still have a listening ear and a compassionate shoulder."
Oh, and she has to love kids too of course!

Farmer Benjamin, 33, from Guyra, NSW

This bearded farmer admits he's a little weird and wants someone who's settled and comfortable with herself. (Channel 7)
Before you ask, Benjamin says he's not "emotionally attached" to his beard and will happily take the shears to it for the right girl.
The sheep farmer from NSW describes himself as "as an agricultural enthusiast with a penchant for the 'creative'" and admits he's a little "weird".
But that "weird" streak might be the exact kind of thing one lucky lady is looking for.
As for what Benjamin is looking for, he wants someone he can connect with emotionally, intellectually and physically.
"I am looking for a partner that is quite settled and comfortable with who she is. Someone who is passionate about her path and choices that she has made."
He also wants to learn from his partner and doesn't mind if she's not big on farming.

Farmer Harry, 23, from Kyabram, VIC

At 23, Farmer James is the series' youngest farmer. (Channel 7)
He may be young at just 23, but dairy farmer James knows what he wants when it comes to romance.
"I'm looking for someone who will be honest, knows how to let her hair down, and have fun while also bringing a positive attitude to their life," he says.
"I want someone who loves to be active and enjoy quality time with their partner as I'm super keen to do travelling sometime in the near future and would love to share the experience with someone special."
Honesty and humility are important traits he looks for in a lady, and he prides himself on being an honest bloke too.
He'd love to be a dad one day but isn't in a rush to start a family right now.
"I think I'll know the right time to have children once I've met the right person," he adds.

Farmer James, 28, from Tarnook, VIC

Sheep farmer James is a true romantic. (Channel 7)
Sheep farmer James resides in Victoria and is looking for a woman who is easy-going, enjoys a laugh and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty.
"Bonus points if they can drive a tractor," he says.
While he admits he's not super experienced in the relationship department, he's definitely keen to make someone happy.
"I believe that love is a feeling that grows and flourishes over time," says the 28-year-old.
"It starts with a spark, then develops into an emotion that becomes an obsession or fixation. In summary, you can't stop thinking about someone."
We might just have a romantic on our hands!

Farmer Paige, 27, from Cassilis, NSW

Farmer Paige is the first female farmer to star on the series. (Channel 7)
The first female farmer to star on the series, Paige is an all-rounder farming sheep, cattle and crops in NSW.
She's looking for a bloke to settle down with but says she had "no ideal picture in mind" of what this guy will look like.
"I'm looking for a guy that I can get along with, have fun with, and we can enjoy each other's time," the 27-year-old says.
"So much of my life, at work and after hours, revolves around the farm or around farm-based activities like rodeo and camp drafting.
"I am at a point of my life where I would like to have someone to come with me to the drafts and the rodeos, or join me on the fence-line, or be my professional gate opener. Just someone to share life with!"
We're a fan of her already.

Farmer Will, 26, from Berriwillock, VIC

Crop and sheep farmer Will describes himself as "upbeat and positive". (Channel 7)
This crop and sheep farmer from Victoria describes himself as "upbeat and positive", and we like him already!
Will is keen to meet someone who is really well-rounded and values everything from authenticity, to ambition, humour, kindness, and optimism.
"I enjoy being with someone who likes having a laugh and being social," he says of his ideal woman.
"A woman who is confident in the person they are, has respect for themselves and has space for someone else in their life."
As for kids, he'd liek to have them one day but is waiting for the right lady to come along first.
He says "the timing would depend on my partner and how our relationship progresses."
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