Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife’s Harry just hinted he may ALSO pull a 'Blake Garvey' and reunite with runner up Madison

''You just have to wait and see.''

By Maddison Hockey
If you're still reeling from the wild ride that was the Farmer Wants A Wife finale, you best take a seat.
Now the finale is over and the outcome of who found love, and more importantly who stayed together, is known, the farmers and the ladies are speaking out.
The biggest shock of the night came from farmer Alex who pulled what is deemed in reality terms a 'Blake Garvey' (the Bachelor who ditched his winner after the show for one of his runners-up) by turning up with Henrietta, not Jess.
Alex shocked everyone by turning up with Henrietta, not Jess. (Channel Seven)
But, it seems he may not be the only farmer taking a page out the Bachie's books.
Speaking to Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa farmer Harry has confirmed he's still in contact with his runner up, Madison.
"Me and Mads are good mates you know, like we've kept in touch," he admitted.
Is Harry having second thoughts over Madie? (Instagram)
The radio hosts then asked the burning question: Could it be something more?
Well, Harry kept suspiciously coy.
"You never know. You never know with these things but it's definitely harder with the border closures so you can't even look into that, you just have to wait and see."
Having witness fellow farmer Alex's success with Henrietta, after initially picking Jess, is it possible Harry is giving love a second chance with Madison?
Harry and Stacey confirmed to host Natalie that things hadn't worked out. (Channel Seven)
Fans were shocked to learn in the finale reunion episode that Harry and his first pick, Stacey, hadn't been able to make things work after the show.
"I said that I don't think we should keep going anymore," an emotional Harry explained during the finale.
When asked what led to the break up Harry revealed to Fitzy and Wippa: "You go back into reality, you get stuck into things, the cameras go away and you really get to know each other."
"That's how it panned out for us, it was a bit sad but we ended on pretty good terms I thought."

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