Farmer Wants a Wife

EXCLUSIVE: The Farmer Wants A Wife producers forced to intervene as contestants go wild on set!

Life on the farm is driving some of the ladies to hit the bottle

By Woman's Day team
On the surface, it might seem like a stretch to compare Married At First Sight's messy dinner parties to Farmer Wants A Wife's wholesome get-togethers.
However, one contestant, who wished to remain anonymous, tells Woman's Day that when the four farmers and their ladies settled into life on set together, things got seriously out of control!
According to the on-set spy, most of the girls loved a tipple and had no problems enjoying the free-flowing booze during filming.
"There were some girls definitely treating the whole experience like a free holiday," says the insider.
"It was like being away on a big girls' trip at times!" adds the source, who says one overly enthusiastic contender even skolled a beer out of her own shoe!
Farmer Alex and several contestants enjoying a drink together. Image: Channel Seven
The girls certainly weren't shy about going for the free booze! Image: Channel Seven
But the insider says that was nothing compared to the boozy pub stay in Babinda, Queensland.
"That night, everyone got together for dinner, and the girls just got tanked!" says the source.
"We filmed from sunset right up until early the next morning, and by the time we finished, the girls were stumbling out without shoes on!
"Production had to keep taking girls off set and getting them to fix their dresses and hair to make sure they didn't look too wrecked.
"It was so hot during filming – I'm talking like 40-degree nights... I think it made us a lot more drunk than we expected. There were a lot of flushed faces and some slurring," the source continues before revealing some of the girls even became sick!
"It was a toxic combination of heat exhaustion, alcohol and just being on set for so many hours at a time," says the source.
Farmer Wants A Wife airs on Sunday nights at 7pm and Monday nights at 7.30pm on Channel Seven.
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