Farmer Wants a Wife

“Rob was struggling": The truth behind Farmer Wants A Wife's shock triple exit revealed by one of Farmer Rob's ladies

It was a move no one saw coming.

By Helen Vnuk
Viewers were left stunned during Monday night's episode of Farmer Wants A Wife when Rob sent all three of his remaining women home.
Meg, in particular, looked like she took it pretty hard. But talking to TV WEEK months after the show was filmed, Meg says she's stayed in touch with Rob and there are "no hard feelings" at all.
Farmer Rob made the painful decision to send all three women home. Channel 7
"We're pals," she says. "We'll be pals for a long time. We had one of the rarest adventures of our lives together. I'm chuffed I got to meet Rob."
In the episode, the 40-year-old farmer from the Snowy Mountains opened up to Meg, Luce and Kate, telling them that although they'd become great friends, he didn't think he was feeling "that lightning bolt connection" with any of them.
"Because I do respect you so much I don't want to have you hanging around," he said. "I just think it's probably best if you head home."
Meg says all three of them were "shocked" by Rob's announcement. She says they had no warning it was coming, although Rob had seemed "on edge."
"He was struggling and we didn't want that for him," she says. "He's a good chap."
The 35-year-old admin assistant from Victoria says she's not sure if she felt "a spark" with Rob at their initial speed date, but they did hit it off.
Meg (second from right) said she and Rob are still good friends despite her shock exit from the show. Instagram
"We absolutely got on like a house on fire, no doubt about that," she explains.
"Rob has such a friendly, positive vibe about him. I didn't think he was a bad-looking cat, either."
Meg, who has a thing for bearded guys who are funny, says that "maybe" she's found herself a man since being on the show.
"The world works in mysterious ways!"

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