Farmer Wants a Wife

EXCLUSIVE: “It’s a kick in the guts” - Jess' heartache after confessing she's in love with Andrew on Farmer Wants A Wife

On national TV too...

By Helen Vnuk
It's Jess' last night on Andrew's farm, and she's got something big to tell him: she's fallen in love with him.
But she doesn't get the response she was hoping for.
In Farmer Wants A Wife this week, Andrew chooses his final two girls, and Jess is one of them.
Jess confesses her love to Andrew on her last night on his farm. Channel 7
Sitting in front of a roaring fire, she opens up to the 30-year-old NSW farmer about her feelings.
"Obviously it was a pretty vulnerable situation, and of course it's something that you want to be reciprocated," Jess, 27, tells TV WEEK.
"But in saying that, you don't tell someone you love them just to hear it back."
Jess's declaration of love is followed by an awkward silence.
"Considering it's on national TV and you do feel a little bit rejected, it was a bit of a kick in the guts," Jess says.
What Jess doesn't realise is that just minutes earlier, Andrew had been kissing the other girl left on the farm.
The farmers have to make their final decision this week. Is Andrew still undecided?
As viewers saw, Jess had "a pretty instant connection" with Andrew at the speed date. Those feelings grew.
"When I was around him I felt so comfortable and I felt beautiful and really cared for," she explains.
Jess, who lives in Victoria and works in community relations, says she and Andrew had some "solid one-on-one time" when the cameras weren't around, usually in the mornings.
"Andrew and I would have a cuppa together, maybe go for a little bit of a walk around the farm."
The Farmers have to make their final decisions this week. Channel 7
And, although it looked like Jess wasn't sure about the idea of living in the country, she says that wasn't the case.
"I grew up on a hobby farm and it was just the most ideal childhood ever. It's always been a huge goal of mine to have that lifestyle for my kids."
Could she still move to Andrew's farm?

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