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"I'm scared I'll injure myself again": The celebs of Dancing With The Stars share their behind the scenes secrets

The celebs are opening up about the realities of the show.

By Woman's Day team
Dancing With The Stars has foxtrotted straight into our hearts this season, and let us tell you - we're hungry for more.
That's why when Woman's Day sat down with the stars of the show, we were all the more intrigued to hear what they were really thinking behind the scenes.
Kyly Clarke, Tom Williams and Renee Bargh were frank enough to tell us - keep scrolling to hear what they had to say.

Kyly Clarke

She's emerged as the dark horse of the competition, but after tearing her hamstring in the 2014 series – which forced her to bow out early – Kyly Clarke is still nervous she may injure herself again.
"Absolutely I'm nervous," she tells Woman's Day.
"There is always that concern as you're constantly pushing your body to the limits from one dance to the next, with no downtime in between."
But the 39-year-old says having daughter Kelsey Lee, five, in the audience watching her gave her the perseverance she needed.
"It's such a beautiful feeling to have your daughter say to you, 'Wow Mum, you were amazing.' It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience I will never forget," reveals Kyly.
Kyly with her dance partner, Gustavo Viglio. (Instagram)

Renee Bargh

"While dancing is in her blood, the former The Voice host Renee Bargh says having her best friend of more than a decade, singer Delta Goodrem, in the audience gave her that extra boost in confidence.
"It meant the world to me to have Delta there cheering me on," says the 35-year-old. "Just her presence gave me so much confidence and strength.
"My friendships are so important to me but we are more than just friends – we are sisters – and I'm so thankful for our bond and her support and love."
Renee Bargh entered as a wildcard in the new season. (Instagram)

Tom Williams

He bowed out of the entertainment industry to pursue a career in property development, and while he's happy to dip in and out of the glamorous TV world for shows such as Dancing With The Stars, Tom Williams is in no rush to make a full-time comeback.
"I'm very happy where I am," he says. "I had a very good time in TV... but I just felt it was time to let someone else have a go.
"And the property business is booming right now, particularly in Sydney, so it's a very good industry to be a part of."
And while his life has dramatically changed since that show-stopping moment when he ripped off his shirt on DWTS in 2005, the 50-year-old is still thankful for the support and says he has no issues about doing it again.
"Hey, the Stones still play Satisfaction," he laughs.
"You can't turn your back on things that have given you so much success. If you do, you're really going to do yourself an injustice."
Tom Williams is back and tearing up the dancefloor. (Channel Seven)

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