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Jimmy Rees quits Dancing With The Stars after newborn suffers complication

Sending love to the Rees family!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Popular children's entertainer Jimmy Rees has pulled out of Dancing With The Stars, after one of his newborn twins was rushed to hospital with a severe illness.
Jimmy's wife Tori gave birth to the couple's twin boys just seven weeks ago, right in the middle of filming and rehearsals.
Juggling newborn babies and hours of intense dance rehearsals has been tough for Jimmy, but it was the news that one of his twins, Mack, was in hospital due to complications following a routine procedure, that finally forced him to quit the show.
In a post on the official Jimmy Rees Facebook page, it was confirmed that Mack is currently in ICU at a Sydney hospital.
"Mack is in a stable condition, and at this time there is no cause for immediate alarm," the post read.
"We would appreciate if the families privacy could be respected at this time, however Jimmy and Tori would like to formally thank everyone for their well wishes, and hope they will manifest in a speedy recovery for their son."
Tori and Jimmy with their newborn twins Mack and Vinny. (Image: @jimmyrees/Instagram)
Jimmy's wife Tori explained that Mack was getting a "simple tongue tie fixed" when his main blood vessel was accidentally cut during the procedure.
He was rushed via ambulance to hospital and need CPR, a blood transfusion and is now on a ventilator.
"We are speechless," she wrote on her Instagram page.
Such a cute family! (Image: @jimmyrees/Instagram)
A Network 10 spokesman confirmed that Jimmy has bowed out of Dancing With The Stars and won't be returning to the show this season.
"Jimmy Rees has made the difficult decision to leave Dancing With The Stars," the spokesman said in a statement.
"His seven week old son, Mack, recently suffered complications during a routine procedure and is in hospital in a stable condition. Understandably, Jimmy has left the competition to be by his son, and wife Tori's side, during this difficult time.
"Network 10, Warner Bros, and all the contestants and crew on Dancing With The Stars, wish baby Mack a safe and speedy recovery and thank Jimmy for his time on the show."
Lenny (centre) with this twin brothers Mack and Vinny. (Image: @jimmyrees/Instagram)
Jimmy, 31, had previously revealed that the intensity of his schedule, and his home life, was tricky to manage.
"It's been a big start to the year," he told TV WEEK last month.
"When you've got two babies, it's all hands on deck."
When asked what was harder - his gruelling dancing training or looking after newborn babies - Jimmy said "life with a newborn" was definitely more difficult.
"When the boys [Mack and Vinny] get going… well, the other night, they were tag-teaming on and off all night long!"
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Jimmy and Tori also have a three-year-old son, Lenny.
But becoming parents wasn't an easy journey for the couple, who have been open about their fertility struggles.
Tori recently shared a hearfelt Instagram message to anyone experiencing fertility issues.
"Those families who are struggling - please stay strong, please don't give up hope on that family, please get help in whatever way you can, please allow yourself to grieve and please speak up to people who understand - I am so right there for anyone who is going through a fertility journey of their own."