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EXCLUSIVE: Dancing With The Stars' Dean Wells reveals the surprising texts he received from his MAFS ex Tracey Jewel

''I got some really nice messages from Tracey today.''

By Rebecca Sullivan
It would be easy to assume that there is no love lost between former Married At First Sight couple Dean Wells and Tracey Jewel.
But Dean, who was the first celebrity contestant eliminated in the new season of Dancing With The Stars on Sunday night, says he and Tracey are still very much in touch, and text regularly.
Tracey and Dean were matched together during the 2018 season of Married At First Sight. Instagram
In fact, even though it was Tracey who dumped Dean on the show back in 2018, because she couldn't trust her "groom" to remain faithful following his affair with Davina Rankin, it seems Dean's bad behaviour is all water under the bridge now.
"I got some really nice messages from Tracey today. We still keep in touch. She is really supportive," Dean told Now To Love just hours after his devastating elimination.
But then Dean cheated on Tracey with Davina, and later called it quits. Instagram
Tracey, who last year rekindled her romance with high school boyfriend Nathan Constable, got in touch with Dean this morning to send some positive words about his performance on DWTS.
"She knows I was upset about getting knocked out, so she texted me," Dean revealed.
"She said 'How do you feel? You should hold your head high babe'. I wrote back saying, 'It feels like I've failed' and she replied, 'No, not at all!'"
Tracey also took to Instagram to congratulate Dean on his performance.
"Congrats Dean you gave it everything - your head should be high friend x," she commented on his most recent Instagram photo.
Tracey and Dean text regularly, he says. Instagram
Dean, 42, says he was devastated to be the first celebrity booted off DWTS.
"I'm definitely disappointed. It sucks to go home first and I was just getting warmed up," he said.
"The standard is so high. Everyone is so talented and if I'm honest, I think I was the worst dancer out of everyone. But I achieved my personal best and I'm happy I got to where I did."
But despite his disappointment, in just a few short weeks, the creative director managed to form some deep connections with his fellow contestants.
"It's like a family. I've only been there for a few weeks, but we have such a strong bond," he said.
"Chloe [Lattanzi] and I got along really well. Chloe is such a great person and she is so supportive. I can't say enough about how supportive everyone is of each other. Its such a hard thing to do and we did it together."
Chloe, the daughter of Olivia Newton-John, took to Instagram this morning to send her new friend some well wishes.
"I miss u already @deanwells love you brother," Chloe wrote, while Richard Wilkins' son Christian was also quick to congratulate Dean on his DWTS performance.
"Congratulations on everything dean - you should be very proud," Christian said. "You were a joy to watch and work with x".
The full DWTS cast pictured together on set in Melbourne. Instagram
A happy side effect of Dean's intense pre-show dance training regimen has been his adoption of a healthier lifestyle, which has resulted in some fast weight loss.
"I've lost about 8kg. I cut out drinking and eating bad food," Dean said.
"There is no hiding on DWTS. It's live and if you're not ready to go, you're going to fall flat on your face and look ridiculous. But I feel really good."
Dean and his dance partner Alex getting in the zone during a recent performance. Channel 10
And if you were hoping to get Dean's thoughts on the new season of Married At First Sight, you'll be disappointed.
"I haven't watched it. I've been so busy training for the show," Dean said.
"It feels like it's become a bit ridiculous. I feel like they're trying to push the limits for the sake of drama. We were being fun with it, but we weren't going over the top. I feel like now it's just gotten ridiculous."
But he's still friendly with many of his fellow contestants from his season.
"I'm friends with most of those guys. I'm good friends with Cyrell [Paule] and Heidi [Latcham] and Mike [Gunner]. They're all really cool people," he said.
"I formed a lot of meaningful connections on MAFS - probably different from the ones the experts lined up though!" he joked.
WATCH BELOW: The moment Tracey dumped Dean on Married At First Sight. Story continues after video.
Dean says he is "still single", but insists reports that he is the frontrunner to star as The Bachelor this year might be jumping the gun slightly.
"I'd have to think about it. It is a pretty intense situation," he says of starring on the hit reality show.
"Dancing With The Stars is such a positive show and the relationship stuff is a bit more intense and emotionally draining. I do like that show. It's more fun and light-hearted than MAFS."
As for his current dating life, Dean is still looking for love.
"I've dated a couple of people here and there, but nothing too serious. It's usually the case of if you're interested in someone, they're not interested in you, or if someone is into you, you're not really vibing them.
"I'm definitely open to a relationship if the right person comes along."
Dancing With The Stars airs on Sunday nights at 7.30pm on Channel 10.