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Dancing With The Stars' Constance Hall: “Life isn’t over just because you’re a mum!”

Constance's battle cry empowers other mothers

By TV Week team
She's inspired women around Australia for years with her heartfelt, humorous and fierce take on parenthood.
Now, Constance Hall is shining as a contestant on TV's Dancing With The Stars and her beloved audience of "Queens" is getting bigger. The social media star and author wants them to know one thing.
"This experience [DWTS] has been awesome, because it shows everyone, all the people around me, that my life isn't over because I'm a mum," Constance, 35, says.
"It's shown me how important it is to carve out time for myself too."
Constance sparkles on stage with her partner Gustavo Viglio.
For Constance, who has five children – her youngest Raja is just nine months old – and two stepchildren with her husband, Denim Cooke, it's an issue that's even greater than her.
"I think there's a problem in our culture with mums dropping their lives and living for other people," she says.
"I'm just like most mums who are a bit of a martyr in putting myself forward to do everything, like, 'I'll do it.' But at the end of the day, everyone can pitch in and life doesn't have to be that hard."
With seven kids now in tow, Constance says her family has been her priority for years. Naturally, she's still adjusting to the newfound attention.
"It feels a little narcissistic to have everything about me at the moment!" she says. "I'm not used it, because for the last 10 years it's always been about my kids.
"But every week, everyone tells me to enjoy this [DWTS] experience because, for once, it's all about me!"
Constance with baby Raja.
Adding to the experience, Constance says, "I'm having the time of my life."
And, while managing the logistics of the show with parenthood can be hard, Constance says it's worth it.
"Juggling it all is hard, because I'm training six hours a day, especially when Raja wakes up all night!" she says. "But I find the training gives me energy. I'm usually with Raja 24 hours a day, so it's actually a little break.
"All mums deserve the chance to go and do something."
Constance says she's having the "time of her life" on the show.
There's another major plus when you ask for help and a break, Constance says.
"You quickly realise the people around you are 100 per cent capable and trustworthy," she says.
"My husband Denim and I are in it together – we work well as a team."
Dancing With The Stars airs Monday, 7:30pm, on 10.

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