See how every single celebrity contestant placed on Dancing With The Stars this season

Now that the season is over, let's see how each celeb faired.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Look, it's one of life's many harsh but irrefutable truths - some people just aren't very good dancers.
You've either got rhythm, or you don't.
And that undeniable fact is always particularly evident on Dancing With The Stars, as each year we watch some of Australia's most-loved celebrities strap on their dancing shoes and put their bodies on the line, while they attempt to shimmy and shake their way to winning $50,000 for their chosen charity, as well as taking home the coveted mirror ball trophy.
Following an intense training period with their professional dance partners, they are thrown out onto the dancefloor in front of a live studio audience and given just a few minutes to prove themselves.
Then, viewers at home are asked to vote for their favourite performance, and the celebrity with the least number of votes each week is given the flick.
From L-R: Dami Im, Angie Kent, Beau Ryan, Ed Kavalee, Travis Cloke, Chloe Lattanzi, Celia Pacquola, Christian Wilkins and Dean Wells. Channel 10
With the 2020 season officially over, let's take a look back and see how our favourite celebrities faired this season.
Keep on scrolling to see the order in which each celebrity contestant was voted off Dancing With The Stars each week.