All the celebs we want to see take to the dance floor for Dancing With The Stars’ All Stars series

Please welcome to the floor...

By Maddison Hockey
All Star series are essentially the catnip of reality TV. Bringing back the biggest names and most hated characters in a show's history and putting them all in one setting makes for television gold.
We've seen it done on Australian Survivor, The Block, MasterChef, My Kitchen Rules, even Bachelor In Paradise can be considered an all-star spin-off of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.
Few shows, however, have the extensive talent pool and long-running history as that of Dancing With The Stars.
They had a HEMSWORTH for crying out loud.
That star studded list of names to call upon is reason number one on our list of reasons we're excited for the show's 2021 All Stars edition.
Releasing a new trailer for the return Channel Seven confirmed the show will be a two week event.
The clip also shared footage of some of the biggest names to grace the dance floor, and it's inspired us to create our own dream list of who we'd like to see return.

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