Dancing With The Stars

We have a winner! The comeback celeb who will take out the competition on Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars has been leaked

P.S. It's a fan favourite.

By Faye Couros
Celebrities love a comeback performance, and Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars is always the best, boldest, and the most glittery way they can win their encore moment.
After all, that mirror ball trophy is the glitziest one up for grabs on reality television and the competition is quite a gruelling one.
It isn't just about the hard work these celebs go to push their bodies to the max, it's also about the artistry and embracing a performing art they aren't experts in.
It's vulnerable, but it's also spectacular when they hit the mark!
Will Courtney take home the trophy? (Image: Seven)
So far, its 2022 series has been an exceptional spectacle for fans with past winners, favourites, and wildcards working hard to stand out amongst their peers.
According to Sportsbet, the delightful and awestriking Courtney Act will take out the competition with her 1.35 rank.
Courtney, AKA Shane Gilberto Jenek, was the show's runner up in 2019 when she and her partner Josh Keefe missed out on the Mirror Ball trophy to actor Samuel Johnson and his partner Jorja Freeman.
Sam may not win but he's giving it a red hot go. (Image: Seven)
Other contenders to win this year include: David Rodan, 7.00 and Ricki-Lee, 15.00.
At the tail end of Sportsbet's predictions, Deni Hines and Kris Smith have 51.00 odds.
Although, he sadly left the show during an exclusive interview with TV Week, Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac admitted that he thought he had a shot.
"I may not be the best technical dancer, and I rarely remember the choreography, but I will entertain!" he joked. "Just by stepping onto the floor, I've won because I've shared my gift – yes, it's a gift – with the world."
Actor Rob Mills also told TV Week that he intends to give the show his best foot, and after starring in Grease: The Musical, he was confident he's improved since his first attempt.
Rob also revealed he had a secret weapon that would ensure great results: "Being vulnerable is what pretty much what I'm all about, what I'm trying to project into the world. I think when you're vulnerable is when you show your true strength, it's when you really connect with people."
Sadly, the performer didn't make it to the end of the competition.