Dancing With The Stars

EXCLUSIVE: Angie Kent says there is "definitely not more reality TV" in her future following her devastating Dancing With The Stars exit

''I've hung up my reality shoes.''

By Rebecca Sullivan
When the news first dropped that former Bachelorette Angie Kent would be gracing our TV screens as one of the celebrity contestants on the new season of Dancing With The Stars, the ex-Gogglebox and I'm A Celeb! star copped it on social media for her seeming inability to turn down an opportunity to boost her profile on reality TV.
"Are there any reality tv shows Angie Kent won't do?" wrote one fan on Twitter at the time, while another commented on Angie's Instagram, "What's next, Big Brother, Married At First Sight, Farmer Wants A Wife?"
Well, Angie's reality TV career has come to an end - for now - after the 30-year-old was the second contestant to be voted off Dancing With The Stars on Sunday night, when her emotional performance dedicated to her late grandmother failed to impress the judges.
"Someone has to go each week, but ugh, that was hardcore," Angie told Now To Love just hours after being eliminated.
"It was so emotional. Having to put yourself out there, yet to do that and go home, it's a hard pill to swallow. I opened up my soul, but the judges just shat all over it," she said.
"You just gotta take it and move forward. It's part of the competition. Everyone is so good."
Angie and her dancing partner Julian performing their final dance on Sunday night. Image: Channel 10
Angie made it through just two weeks of the show. Image: Channel 10
But despite her disappointment, Angie says there is "definitely no more reality TV' for her on the horizon.
"I've hung up my reality shoes," she said.
As for what work projects she's got lined up next, Angie says she hasn't "got anything locked in, TV wise".
"I'm not one of those people that goes hunting and hustling for jobs. If things pop up, I take it as a sign to give it a red hot go," Angie explained.
"Now I can focus on other stuff, just take a bit of a breath, because it was a big year last year, so I want some time to just namaste," said the yoga fan.
Carlin and Angie are now living in the same city, but they don't live together. Image: Instagram
Plus, a lighter work schedule means Angie will get to spend more time with her boyfriend Carlin Sterritt.
Until very recently, the couple were toughing it out in a long-distance relationship, with Angie living in her hometown on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, and Carlin based in Sydney.
But now, Angie has made the move down the east coast and lives in Sydney too, although the couple don't live together.
"It's so nice being able to actually spend time with my boyfriend!" Angie said.
"We finished The Bachelorette late last year, so we haven't had lots of time with just the two of us, so that will be really good for us.
"It was so good when I had that little bit of time in between [filming The Bachelorette and Dancing With The Stars] to watch movies in bed and sleep in together and go and get breakfast. Just things like that, they're such a treat for us. Right now, I only ever see him late at night when he's finished work, and I was leaving early for [DWTS] training.
"It's so nice to just be able to do everyday couple stuff and not having to put him second or not see him. It will be really good."
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And if you're wondering if these two will be walking down the aisle anytime soon, Angie says she and Carlin are just enjoying their relationship in its current state.
"There is that pressure after the show ends. It's almost like you get married," she said.
"But I try not to life my life based on what strangers expect from me, because this is my real life and a real relationship.
"So we're doing it how we see fit and not according to what society expects us to do. We definitely cop questions like 'Are moving in? Getting engaged?' and we're not doing any of those things."
You do you, guys!