Serving pure finesse! These are Courtney Act’s most glamorous fashion moments

From the red carpet to the beach, she never misses.

By Faye Couros
Courtney Act has wooed us on shows like Celebrity Big Brother, Australian Idol, and of course, Dancing With The Stars so when we found out that she's returning to the famous dance floor for Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars we were thrilled!
The TV entertainer originally appeared on the show in 2019 with dance partner Joshua Keefe. While her competitor Samuel Johnson took home the disco ball trophy, they struck such a wonderful bond that Sam even dedicated a part of his speech to her talents.
"Courtney was the better dancer. I want to acknowledge Courtney!" he said.
On the show, she danced as Courtney, but fans got to know Shane Jenek during rehearsal scenes.
"It was funny because when I walked into the room Josh was like why is this small boy coming in? Where's my gorgeous woman?" said Courtney on The Project. "Rehearsals I am out of drag as a boy, and then in rehearsals I'll be Courtney."
During an interview with The Australian Women's Weekly, Shane explained their multifaceted nature.
"What I do feel is more entitled as Courtney to act in certain ways, because people look at me differently. That is femininity, that is costume, that is being different in the world," the DWTS star shared.
"A police officer puts on a uniform and goes to work, and there's a certain entitlement that comes with that uniform, but for me Courtney was the bridge that allowed me to express my femininity in a world where that wasn't allowed, certainly at the time."
Of course, it goes without saying that we are looking forward to watching Courtney and Shane on their All-Stars journey, but we must say, for us, the dancing is one thing and the costumes that's another!
But before we can gasp over total looks that will likely shake us to the core, let's look back at Courtney's most spectacular fashion moments.