Bride and Prejudice

PICTURED: Bride & Prejudice devil Simon's ex who broke Izzy's heart

Things got pretty messy last night.

By Ruth Devine
Oh, Izzy. The most vulnerable, sweet-hearted Izzy Vesey, star of Bride & Prejudice, split from fiancé Simon DeBono on last night's shocking episode of the hit reality TV show amid a torrent of tears and angry recriminations.
And now we know why.
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For when Izzy, she of the huge blue eyes and trembling chin, stormed from the couple's bedroom with the words, "Mum was right. You are the devil" ringing in the barber's ears, it was because she'd caught Simon lying to her.
Viewers were left shocked but not surprised when Izzy revealed she'd caught Simon, 27, sending sexy texts to his ex.
And get this… Simon was sexting even when Izzy was in bed with him.
In tears again. Izzy Vesey is comforted by mum Bobbi. (Image: Channel Seven)
"They weren't friendly [messages], they were explicit. He broke that agreement. He lied to me," a distraught Izzy cried.
And this is the blonde beauty who's at the centre of the messy breakup.

When Simon admitted that he was "questioning the marriage because I do feel that my heart is elsewhere. I am in love with someone else", that someone else turned out to be a stunner by the name of Megan Cross.
"I don't love Izzy," confessed Simon. "The truth will set you free but first it will p* you off."
"Mum was right. You are the devil." Yes, Izzy, YES! (Image: Channel Seven)
Simon's bombshell rocked Izzy to the core with the leggy model demanding, "Look me in the eye and tell me that it meant anything.
"I loved you with everything that I have."
"That's wonderful," came Simon's chilling reply that just confirmed what everyone (except Izzy) had known all along. That the tattooed barber was a wrong 'un.
Izzy: "I loved you with everything that I had."
Simon: "Yeah, nah." (Image: Channel Seven)
Simon posted candid beach shots of him with lover Megan last August and now, according to reports, the pair has rekindled their romance and are back together which means heartbroken Izzy, who agreed to a controversial non-monogamous relationship in order to keep a hold on serial cheater Simon, is left very much alone.
Little is known of Megan despite the fact the beauty regularly posts revealing images of herself on social media including a topless shot and a magazine-worthy image wearing a skimpy white swimsuit.

"Simon has a history of relationships falling apart because he'd always cheat," Izzy, 28, told TV WEEK prophetically before the break-up.
"So I told him he could have that kind of open relationship, as long as we're honest with each other. It blew his mind − he wasn't aware non-monogamy was a thing."
Simon: Mind so blown by the idea of non-monogamy that he couldn't keep to the deal of not texting his ex. (Image: Channel Seven)
While Izzy and Simon had agreed they could be intimate with other people, she explained Simon will always be her priority.
"I can have feelings for multiple people," Izzy said. "I have a lover right now who has been in a relationship with a girl for years, and she knows about me.
"But I'm only in love with Simon. I don't have the capacity to love anyone else. I want to make sure he knows he's number one, and I don't want to jeopardise our relationship for anyone else."
WATCH: Izzy explaining her unusual relationship deal with Simon before it all went wrong.
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Sadly, it seems Simon did not feel the same. The one thing that was off limits was texting his ex and when Izzy busted Simon doing just that, their imminent wedding plans blew up bigtime.
And, just as we suspected, Izzy's worried mum, Bobbi, was proved to have been right about Simon all along.
For days after Bobbi refused to give her blessing to the marriage, declaring Simon a "narcissistic sociopath" who would break her daughter's heart all over again, Simon did just that.
The hipster stormed out of the luxurious hideaway where the six couples, who face intense disapproval from their families for their relationships, are holed up sparking fears from the other contestants about just what the tattooed barber will do next amid a desperate search to find him.
Dry your tears, Izzy. You're well rid of Slippery Simon.
Tune in tonight to find out whether Simon really has gone missing or just went to find better mobile reception to continue his cheating ways.
Bride & Prejudice airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, on Channel Seven.