Bride and Prejudice

Bride and Prejudice's Philippa and Ry make things official

He put a ring on it!

For Bride and Prejudice pair Philippa Bennett and Ry McLean, age ain't nothing but a number – she's 39 and he's 21 – and now it looks like the smitten couple have taken the next step in their relationship by tying the knot!
Despite the fact Philippa's family think their 18-year-age gap is too big, and that actor Ry might be a "gold-digger", the couple were spotted out recently and Ry was sporting a shiny gold wedding band.
The Bride and Prejudice lovebirds have taken their relationship to the next level. (Image: Instagram @ryalanmclean)
The carefree couple enjoyed what looked like a honeymoon-esque day on the beach, and could barely keep their hands off each other as they soaked up some sun.
Ry and Philippa appeared on this year's season of Bride and Prejudice after constant battle with Philippa's family, but their love seems to be stronger than ever.
In a sweet Instagram post before the show aired, the 21-year-old penned, "When I went on this show, I also worried for what was real and what wasn't. But unlike I imagined, everything that takes place in this show is 100% real. Emotions, words, actions, etc...It was a roller coaster, and in all of its great moments it had lots of hard times as well..."
"All the stories and couples involved are special people with an incredible story behind their relationship. It truly is incredible the measures people take for ♥️LOVE♥️ I will never forget this experience, and I hope our stories can open the eyes of some, and create a warmer and softer world where nobody is judged for doing what feels right."
WATCH: Philippa's parents react to the engagement news.
Philippa's parents Peter and Gunilla even asked Ry to sign a pre-nup, much to his shock.
"For me, it's about love – not finances. But it only took me a split second to decide. It wasn't a problem, because I love Philippa for who she is," he told TV WEEK.
Ry also admits he's built a close bond with Philippa's two children.
"It feels like Philippa's children are like my little brother and sister," he says. "It's such a cool relationship.
"But I'm also mature for my age. It's been easy for me to pick up the responsibility. The whole family gig is really enjoyable."

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