IN PICTURES: Sonia Kruger's jaw-dropping beauty transformation through the years

From Tina Sparkle to Big Brother, Sonia Kruger has grown up on our TV screens and now, the much-loved host tells all on her age-defying looks.

By Bella Brennan
As far as television heavyweights go, it doesn't get more impressive than host extraordinaire Sonia Kruger.
The mother-of-one has made a triumphant return to Channel 7, taking the reins as the host of the revamped Big Brother and viewers have been quick to point out just how good she looks for 54.
On Monday evening ahead of the show's premiere, Sonia uploaded a series of selfies that almost broke the internet.
In the snaps, Sonia positively glows in a futuristic purple dress, a high bun and dramatic make-up.
"Wow just wow! What a knockout," one fan wrote.
"Who cares about the housemates. Its all about Sonia!!! Slay," another penned.
"You are a goddess," a third proclaimed.
So what is her secret?
Sonia admits to having dabbled with Botox, undergoing cosmetic dental work and keeping her skin fresh with microdermabrasion treatments.
"It's one of those things, I think, you have to try. Well, you don't have to, but if you want to and it makes you feel better about how you look or feel, then fine," she explained to the Daily Telegraph.
As for her stance on plastic surgery, Sonia is open-minded about it.
"The way I see it is this, if you want to undergo cosmetic enhancements to feel more youthful and confident, I say go for it. If you wish to undergo surgery, make sure you think it through, do your research and make sure you see a qualified doctor," the presenter told 9Honey.
Keep scrolling as we round up Sonia's beauty transformation from over the years