Sonia Kruger’s Big Brother wardrobe is a designer dream, and we’ve rounded up where you can shop every gorgeous piece

If only someone would bankroll us.

By Maddison Hockey
Sonia Kruger has not only solidified herself as a one of our nation's most beloved super-hosts (only possibly rivalled by that of The Bachelor's Osher Gunsberg) she has also made a name for herself as one of TV's most stylish presenters.
Having been on our screens since the early 2000s Sonia has hosted everything from Dancing With The Stars to Big Brother.
We almost can't believe she's been working in the industry as long as she has with the 55-year-old looking youthful as ever. Seriously Sonia, tell us your secrets!
Agelessness aside, Sonia's style has become a constant talking point and her wardrobe the envy of everyone watching along at home.
It's like she's ageing backward. (Channel Seven)
Speaking recently to TV WEEK the TV star admitted beauty really is pain sometimes, and her at-home style varies significantly to what we see on screen.
"Physically, some days, it's a struggle. When I've done a long day of shooting in high heels –after I've shot a big day of The Voice or a big opener or a grand finale of a show – sometimes the next day I feel like I've run a marathon and physically I'm a bit exhausted," Sonia said.
"Really, it's the high heels. In my downtime, like right now, it's all about Birkenstocks."
The mother-of-one regularly shares all the details of her killer outfits spotted on screen, and we've rounded them up below, but be warned she has great taste for designer brands.