Big Brother

Karen from the sixth season of Big Brother has resurfaced... and she STILL looks identical to daughter Krystal

''My mum was only 16 when she had me, and we have been mistaken for sisters for as long as I can remember.''

By Bella Brennan
In 2006, Karen and Krystal Forscutt rose to fame as the first mother-daughter duo to enter the Big Brother house.
And while Krystal has since gone on to become a successful influencer, Karen has opted for a life out of the spotlight.
This week Krystal Hipwell, who is now a mother-of-three with over 170K Instagram followers, delighted fans when she revealed a stunning new photo of her rarely-seen mum.
The brunette beauty was taking part in the now viral "show me a photo of..." Instagram trend, where followers ask the influencer to post pics of certain stages in their life.
One user asked Krystal to share a snap of her siblings and parents and the former reality TV star posted a beautiful family photo from her brother's wedding.
The glamorous mother-daughter duo made waves during the 2006 season of Big Brother. (Image: Big Brother)
In the snap, a youthful-looking Karen, who would now be about 50 years old, can be seen standing next to her lookalike daughter.
The Big Brother star, who was 36 when she first appeared on the show, stuns in a layered soft pink dress while her long light brown tresses are worn out.
Then and now: Krystal stunned fans when she shared this new photo with her lookalike mother (far left on both images), who would be about 50 now, and her mini-me daughter Nakoda. (Images: Instagram, Big Brother)
Fans soon inundated the new photo with comments about how similar Krystal and her mother look, with many saying they could be mistaken for twins.
"Your mum and you could pass as twins," one person said.
"Wait is that truly your mum and not your sister," another noted.
A third remarked: "Stop... that's your mum. She looks soooo young!"
Seeing double: "Your mum and you could pass as twins." (Image: Instagram)
Krystal was quick to address the feedback, explaining she was "getting a heap of DMs" about her and her mum.
"My mum was only 16 when she had me, and we have been mistaken for sisters for as long as I can remember. Even my iPhone registers me as my mum in facial recognition in pics," she said.
34-year-old personal trainer Krystal, who has been married to builder Neil Hipwell for seven years, then posted a never-before-seen throwback photo with her mum when they lived in a caravan.
"Found this pic the other day I think I'm 12 here. This is how we lived for several years... before living in a caravan was cool," she admitted.
Throwback: Krystal revealed she and her single mum Karen used to live in a caravan "before it was cool." (Image: Instagram)
During the pair's time on the Big Brother house, Karen was evicted in the third week while Krystal came in sixth place. Season six was ultimately won by Jamie Brooksby.
When the pair entered the house, they were billed as the glamorous mother-daughter duo who had both had breast enlargements.
"It doesn't really seem like you're my mum," Krystal confessed to her mum at the time, with the pair more best friends than mothers.
At the time, Karen was living in Bateman's Bay and working as a postal worker, while Krystal was working as a model/retail assistant.
Little is known about Karen's current-day life as she isn't present on social media and she rarely appears on Krystal's Instagram page
Successful influencer Krystal shares three children, Sunny, Nakoda and Husky, with husband Neil Hipwell. (Image: Instagram)