Big Brother

The votes are in... Marley is the WINNER of Big Brother 2021!


By Maddison Hockey
They've socialised, strategized and stabbed one another in the back in the name of winning Big Brother's game and $250,000.
But, after making it to the top three, a feat within itself, Marley, Christina and SJ's hopes of taking home the title came down to Australia.
Now, the votes have been counted and the verdict is in: Marley is the winner of Big Brother Australia 2021!
Hugs all round! Seven
The Big Brother finale went ahead as planned tonight, well, as planned as could be given Sydney's sudden lockdown restrictions, which came into place over the weekend.
Over half of the housemates made it to the live event while the remainder were streamed in via video link. The live audience, however, was no longer part of the show.
The top three housemates to make the finale came down to one intense final challenge that was a combination of puzzle solving and strategy.
Ultimately it was 26-year-old basketballer, Marley, who took out the competition to secure not only his spot in the top three but determine who would go with him.
Marley got to choose who went with him to the live finale. Seven
It was an unprecedented level of power for a Big Brother housemate to wield and not one Marley took lightly.
Staying true to himself and his game, Marley, chose with his heart and decided to take Christina and SJ through to the show's live finale.
"It was a double edge sword, the best and worst position to be in," Marley told Now To Love exclusively ahead of the finale.
"Everyone has been fighting emotionally, physically, mentally to get to the podium and now you have the decision to rip that opportunity away from someone. For someone like me, with the huge heart that I have, I would like to take everyone with me."
Ari didn't quite take 4th place well. After host Sonia Kruger read out the result of Marley's vote, the 22-year-old said his goodbyes to Christina and SJ before walking out without a word to Marley.