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Jess Power reveals the incredible amount she was paid by her "sugar daddy" on the Big Brother VIP finale

''It was like a fulltime job.''

By Alana Mazzoni
Big Brother VIP's finale was (unsurprisingly) full of epic moments, but Jess Power managed to steal the spotlight with a risqué story about her former sugar daddy.
In a flashback to an unseen moment from earlier in the season, played in the finale moments before the winner was announced, Jess spoke candidly to her housemates about her old flame.
In the first week of the show, the Married at First Sight star was hanging out in the living room when the conversation came up while talking about designer sunglasses.
"I feel like I want to go shopping with my sugar daddy. My sugar daddy died, he had a brain aneurism," she bluntly revealed to a shocked Dayne Beams, Matt Cooper, Omarosa and Josh Carroll.
Jess Power admitted in previously-unseen footage that she made between $4-5,000 per week from a sugar daddy. (Seven)
"Excuse me? Hold up!" Josh, clearly taken aback, asked Jess.
Jess revealed to her stunned housemates that the man, who lived in Europe, would send her between $4,000 and $5,000 per week.
"[He sent money] for a little while, like a few months," Jess continued, before revealing they never engaged in "phone sex".
"I just had to talk to him. It was like a fulltime job though, it was so annoying."
When asked by Omarosa if she went to the funeral, Jess hilariously responded: "No, because what would I say to the family [when asked] how did you guys know each other?"
It comes a few weeks after Jess shocked her fellow VIPs by revealing cricket legend Shane Warne had sent her flirty messages.
"He messaged me three or four times and I hadn't seen it and then I replied back," Jess explained.
When probed further on her conversation with Shane, she remained tight lipped but revealed it was "X-rated". "It was to do with being naked and facing a wall and on knees," she revealed.
Jess previously stunned her fellow VIPs by claiming Shane Warne slid into her DMs. (Seven)

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