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Big Brother's Tully Smyth defends her emotional decision to eliminate ex-boyfriend Drew

''I often feel misunderstood by social media.''

By Catie Powers
Emotions were running high on last night's episode of Big Brother: Royalty Vs New Contenders when the housemates were suddenly tasked with voting a fellow contestant out on the spot.
As the reality stars cast their votes one by one, Tully Smyth broke down in tears after placing her vote on her ex-boyfriend Drew.
"I said I wanted to come in here and play on my own this time, and it's been really hard to do that," she said while making her decision.
"My point's going on Drew... I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry... Oh, God, my heart."
Emotions were running high as Tully voted for Drew to leave the Big Brother house. (Image: Seven)
After receiving the most votes, Drew packed his bags and prepared for his exit. But in a classic Big Brother twist, the model never actually left the labyrinth and was sent into a secret room called 'The Mainframe'.
This twist, of course, remained unbeknownst to the rest of the housemates who were sad to see their friend leave the competition. But none was more grief-stricken than Tully herself, who shed many tears at her ex-boyfriend's farewell.
After many Big Brother viewers shared their thoughts on the situation, the reality star took to Instagram to explain her perspective.
She began her post: "Here is the first and last thing I'll say about tonight's episode…Big Brother is supposed to be a fun experience- and it was, 90% of the time- but I was certainly being challenged."
Drew was sent into a secret room, meaning he hasn't been voted out just yet. (Image: Seven)
The influencer continued: "I was on the back foot from the moment I entered the house, alone and late. It's sometimes hard to focus on the positives when I often feel misunderstood by social media, but I believe caring deeply is admirable.
"Being able to see good qualities in someone who hurt you and to be able to be friends with them shows compassion and emotional intelligence. Most people can't do that."
She went on to say she is "empathetic" and that her decision to vote out Drew left her torn between her head and her heart.
"I went in with intentions to prove myself, doing something on my own but I also had to be true to my values and integrity… I still cared what happened to Drew, as my friend of 9 years," the Big Brother star continued, adding that the decision to vote for him felt "counterintuitive".
Tully and Drew dated after meeting on Big Brother in 2013. (Image: Nine)
"I want the best for him, always… but I also wanted him to leave so I could finally stand on my own two feet. Play my own game, without having to do him any favours or worry about his position. Just because people may not understand that doesn't change who I am.
"I had three words that I would always repeat to myself during my second time in the house: grace, empathy and integrity. I wanted to hold myself with grace, have empathy always and play with integrity."
"Love me or hate me, I am proud of how I've played this time around."
Tully ended her post by assuring her followers that, despite all appearances, she had "fun" strategising.
"Believe it or not (and you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise thanks to these dramatic promos featuring me ugly crying better than Kim Kardashian) I had fun doing it.
"The MOST fun. I had the time of my life! And how lucky that I got to experience it all a second time?
"Now… let's see what's in store for me next week. 🙃🥳 @bigbrotherau #BBAU."

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