Big Brother

Big Brother’s Renata made a not-so-subtle dig at Katie after her blindside eviction last night

Not hiding her feelings.

By Maddison Hockey
There's been some very mixed reports from this year's Big Brother housemates in regards to everyone getting along on the show.
While some evicted contestants have had nothing but praise for each of their fellow housemates, others have come out swinging.
When fiery mum-of-two Renata left early on in the show she told Now To Love Katie had her evicted as "revenge" for outing her ex and fellow housemate, Max.
So, when Katie faced the same fate last night, Renata was quick to make her feelings about the situation known.
As last night's episode played out, Renata took to Instagram to share a not-so-subtle dig at Katie with a photo of herself from the show laughing.

"Clap your hands if you're happy too 👏🏻@bigbrotherau #game #doneright," she captioned the post.
Fellow housemate, Carlos, who appeared in the photo too, immediately commented on the post: "😂😂😂😂😂😂 Rrrreeenata 😂😂😂".
Fans may recall Renata made no attempt to hide her feelings about being evicted, ignoring both Christina and Katie when saying goodbye to her fellow BB stars.
Ouch. (Channel Seven)
"I felt betrayed, not everyone had to vote me out and be so fake in the house because people felt that I was going so it's probably better to be on Katie's side," Renata told Now To Love.
"I didn't want to say bye to everyone because I felt emotional as well."
As she departed the house, Renata called her former housemates "sheep" and she's not about to apologise for it.
"There is only a few strong players and the rest is going with the flow."