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Big Brother’s Katie spills on getting ex Max booted from the house and her split from MAFS’ Mikey

''Max’s strategy for the first few days was to pretend that we weren’t close.''

By Catie Powers
If there is one thing that this season's Big Brother contestants continue to learn, it's to trust literally no one.
Whether it's Ari feeding lies to his fellow housemates or Daniel pretending to switch allegiances, there is always some scheme going on in the Big Brother house.
Tonight's evictee Katie Williams, 27, learnt this lesson the hard way after being unceremoniously booted out of the social experiment.
On tonight's episode, key player Daniel swindled his way into a fake alliance with the seemingly unbreakable trio: Katie, Marley and Jess.
Seeking revenge for his partner-in-crime's Nick's eviction, Daniel was adamant on breaking up the three musketeers, and he did it by going, as he put it, "deep in the belly of the beast".
After Nick was ousted, Daniel formed an alliance with Katie. (Channel Seven)
His plan to go behind enemy lines actually worked as he and Marley won the nominations challenge. After that, the real estate agent convinced the basketballer to place Katie up for eviction along with Charlotte and Ari.
In the end, Katie was too much of a threat to keep around the house and her fellow contestants booted her from the show.
Speaking to New Idea about her experience, Katie confesses that nothing could have prepared her for what she endured in the house.
"It was so much harder than I expected." Katie tells. "You cannot prepare for that show. Big Brother throws so many twists and turns, it's such an emotional roller coaster."
And life outside the house has proved no different, with the 27-year-old confessing it's been "a hard ride" that she and her fellow Big Brother alum are going through as Australia continues to watch their every move.
Katie's trust ultimately cost her her place in the house. (Channel Seven)
Katie, however, has had some experience being in the limelight. As well as appearing on Australian Ninja Warrior, Katie also dated former Married At First Sight star Mikey Pembroke.
And the Big Brother contestant admits that being linked to someone in the spotlight was no easy feat.
"MAFS was very challenging for me because I had a lot of people asking me about my personal life with him which I did not want to share." Katie reveals to us.
She goes on to stress that, while there is no "bad blood" between the two, their "breakup wasn't fantastic".
Things may not have ended well but Katie holds no ill will towards Mikey. (Getty)
However, she bears Mikey no ill will.
"We broke up two years ago. I don't have hard feelings towards Mikey.... Our breakup wasn't fantastic but nothing bad happened. We just weren't good for each other, it's as simple as that. I wish him all the best."
And that's not the trainer's only reality star ex. Big Brother viewers were as shocked as Katie when her ex-boyfriend Max arrived at the BB digs on the first night.
While some viewers questioned why the 27-year-old seemed much more excited to see Max than the other way around, Katie explains that there was a reasoning behind his not-so-warm welcome.
"Max's strategy for the first few days was to pretend that we weren't close and that strategy failed him because we are super close and I speak to Max all the time." Katie dishes.
"We've been close for twelve years now; the strategy to act like we weren't didn't work out well because he didn't tell me that was his strategy."
Max was the first housemate voted out. (Channel Seven)
After he was unfortunately booted out of the competition on the first night, Max revealed that he was a bit disappointed that Katie even considered voting him out. The trainer, however, clears his qualms right up.
"I was never on the fence, that was only an hour of me tossing up whether or not I should save him, they made it into this huge deal. I had his back. After we had that conversation I convinced everyone to save him," Max told New Idea.
Katie goes on to reveal that, if not for the twist that Daniel and Nick were to choose who to evict, Mel would have gone home that night thanks to her convincing.
At the end of it all, Katie admits that she wishes some of the more "fun" and "lighthearted" moments of the show went to air, including her close bonds with Tilly, Sid, Mel and more.
Indeed, the 27-year-old left the house having formed some firm friendships, explaining she "checks in on 90% of the housemates". But, as loyal as ever, Katie still wants one of her alliance members, Jess or Marley, to take out the comp.
This story originally appeared on New Idea.